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mintsauce 03-04-2005 09:50 AM

Tingling in head/loss of balance
Hi all, :)

I have a strange tingling in my head at the rear top right of my brain. I also get small tiny pangs of pain (more discomfort) occasionally. My right eye has over the last year gone from 20/20 vision to being slightly blurry which can be rectified if I pull the corner of my eyelids so they squash the eyeball slightly. Recently I have noticed I have started to have a loss of balance, not bad enough that I fall over but it's almost like my brain jutters long enough to throw me off, a bit like after stepping off the tea cup ride but nowhere near as severe. :D

Also, I get amazing headaches after exercise. I used to go down the gym for an hours session 3 times a week and if I worked out too hard i'd come home with a very bad headache that would only subside after a night of sleep. I was told this could be down to dehydration but I drink plenty of water.

I am a little worried but I don't know anything really when it comes to medical stuff. I'm looking to see if anyone who knows more could point me in the right direction or can see this as a classic symptom of something?

Any input greatly appreciated, thanks. :)

cookingmom 03-19-2005 04:02 PM

Re: Tingling in head/loss of balance

I was recently in the hospital for a rapid heart rate and while there experienced tingling in my head on the right side at the top of my head coming down. I had some blurred vision and tingling in my tongue and lips. They did an MRI and I found out that I had a stroke ! I am 47 so everyone was quite surprised that this happened. After 2 weeks I am home but my balance is very bad and I have left sided weakness. I am going to physical therapy. You REALLY need to see a Dr. about this - there is definitely something going on that needs checked out. I hope things get better for you.

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