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bleedingsoul88 06-23-2005 09:54 PM

Head pains, dizziness, weakness, HELP ME!!!!
I've been struggling with some sort of wierd head pain for over three weeks now. It is mostly a bad pressure in my whole head, but occasionally I get really bad sharp, shooting pains in the right side of my head. I also have been having severe dizzy spells. I lose my balance temporarily, but so badly that I trip or stumble around. I also have this strange inner shaking feeling in my head, with some added tingling.

I also have noticed that I am very sensitive to sounds. Not that they cause the pain to be worse, but they frighten me, like I can't just process them properly. I also have been trouble seeing things beside me. I can only see in front of me, so people can frighten me easily, it is almost like I have tunnel vision or something. It is really wierd.

I am currently taking Centhroid, Lexapro, Vitamin B Complex, Skelaxin(muscle relaxer), and Ibuprofen as needed for the pain. I have been positively diagnosed with hypothryroidism, high cholesterol, clinical depression, social anxiety, OCD, borderline personality disorder, chronic sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis.

I visited the doctor, where she checked my ears and sinuses. Both were okay with no inflamation. Then she thought maybe it was TMJ, I've been taking the ibuprofen and Skelaxin to help that, and that did get better, but the pressure and dizziness is still just as bad.

SCARY!!!: Last night, something really scary happened! I was sleeping pretty soundly and was abruptly awoken by one of my dizzy spells. It felt like my brain was trembling and there was an immense pressure throughout my head. My vision became unclear and I had "shutter vision." I then started having strange muscle twitches and was really weak. This is so scary! Please help me figure this out!!!!

Does anyone know what could be causing these strange symptoms? I'm really concerned.


foshizzle 07-01-2005 03:32 PM

Re: Head pains, dizziness, weakness, HELP ME!!!!
You probably suffer from migraine headaches along with severe anxiety (which could contribute to the the pressure sensation in your head). You might also be suffering from a dissociative disorder known as depersonalization and derealization.

you are not alone.

bleedingsoul88 07-03-2005 03:35 PM

Re: Head pains, dizziness, weakness, HELP ME!!!!
Do you think this can all be caused by that? Really? I have had problems with everything that you described. I also have TMJ (I grind my teeth from anxiety). I really never thought that that could cause all of these symptoms. Strange, don't you think? Thanks for your comment, it makes me feel better that there isn't something else to worry about!


katie_b 07-06-2005 09:04 PM

Re: Head pains, dizziness, weakness, HELP ME!!!!
It sounds like you have a disorder known as dysautonomia. It's when your automatic nervous system doesn't work right. The dixxiness is what caught my attention, but when I read you have been diagnosed with hypotesntion, OCD, depression, ect. it's makes me thing you have dysautonomia.
I would try to find a cardiologist near you who has heard of it.
A tilt table test will help confirm a diagnosis of dysautonomia.
I know of some good doctors in Ohio, Virginia, and Michigan that would be able to help. Let me know if you are interested in see any of them and I'll get you their names!

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