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jazzy19 08-24-2007 08:05 AM

Could I have a DAVM the MRI didn't show?
I just spent hours last night reading the threads about DAVM on this site and I think you all have help me diagnose my proplem. Here is my story..maybe somewone can guide me....I have had severe headaches that come on fairly suddenly for several years now. My doctor says they're tension headaches. About two years ago I started having a whooshing sound in my ears accompanied with, I can only explain it as a decrease in the awareness around me. These spells only last for a few minutes and started out only happening sporadically. I told my GP, he sent me to a neurologist. I had aan MRI but they said it was normal. The neurologist said it must be complex migraines and put me on Topomax. The headaches did improve somewhat, but the whooshing noise just got worse, more frequent and is now accompanied by pounding, pulsating in my head. It happens so frequently now that the spells are sometimes over before I realize I had one. I have hypertension and am on medication for that. I check my blood pressure during these spells and it is never high. Add to these problems are blurred vision that comes and goes, and sometimes when I change position to fast, I have to wait for my vision to "catch up", like I'm blind for a few seconds. I know it sounds like I'm crazy, especially since the neurologist said its only migraines, but it's really scarey. I am going to go back to my GP with info about DAVM in hand, but has anyone ever been diagnosed with DAVM after a normal MRI? Help!

feelbad 08-24-2007 04:52 PM

Re: Could I have a DAVM the MRI didn't show?
i am just curious as to what the "D" in DAVM actually means,i have never heard this form before?unless your MRI was with contrast,anything is possible to have been missed(even sometimes with it too),espescially when it comes to arterial malformations in the brain somewhere.are you getting that whoshing sound in both ears or just one?if you really want to know for sure what your arterial structure actually looks like with all of the other crap that can get in the way upon MRI(too much soft and hard structures can hide other things)either obtain an MRA or angiogram.both highlight only arterial structures within your brain and nothing else.while an angio would be a much more invasive type procedure,an MRA is done in the very same way a regular ultrasound is done,exactly.the changes are done at the tech end and you do not have to 'do"anything but lie there like when you had your MRI done.pretty simple but it really does show up any malformations that could be possibly lurking but hidden behibnd other structures or as in my particular case with my brain aneurysm,hidden becasue it was in the inside bend of an artery.some malformations are just kind of hard to pick up with plain aneurysm was NOT detectable upon MRI at all.

given the fact that you DO have hypertension i would say that your chances of them missing an actual AVM would less likely than them possibly missing an unDxed aneurysm.anmyone with high blood pressure is just at a higher risk.just an FYI here on the topamax?the anti siezure meds can often cause blurred vision.i had this occur with 3600mgs of neurontin and also with a much lower dose of lyrica is just because of the area of the brain where the anti S meds work.

if i were you,i would request obtaining that MRA as like i mentioned before,you just do have a higher risk of aneurysm.i really think an actual AVM,just becasue of the very noticable look of the tangled blood vessels would most likely have been seen in some way upon MRI,if contrast was just need to be sure,thats all.and of course,it would confirm or even just ease your mind some anyway.just so you know, i DO NOT have high blood pressure(am actually hypotensive for most of the time) but am at higher risk from suffering jumps in my BPs from severe chronic pain flares and also have a form of kidney disease the just made me born with much weaker than normal blood vessels,they don't know why that part occurs in this disease,it just does.just obtain that MRA.good luck and hopefully this isn't anything to do with any sort of arterial malformation.please keep me posted,K?marcia

jazzy19 08-24-2007 05:44 PM

Re: Could I have a DAVM the MRI didn't show?
Thanks for your reply. the "D" in DAVM stands for Dural and it is basically an AVM that occurs in the coverings of the brain- the dura. They are aquired, not congenital, and the risk from bleeding is significantly less than from AVM's, otherwise thay are the same.

feelbad 08-25-2007 07:41 AM

Re: Could I have a DAVM the MRI didn't show?
thanks for the info.i tried and tried to think of what the D stood for and drove myself crazy.not the first time.if we are talking dural here i do think if you actually had one it would have almost certainly showed itself within the is a pretty blank area when compared to the inner arterial structures within the actual brain area.i think it would have stood out some.just what leads you to believe that this is a dural issue and not inner brain,anything in particular?just wondering.looking a bit deeper for a possible issue,well it would be much more likely to find something there vs in the dura.just a thought.let me know how things go,K?Marcia

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