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Dumbledore 3164 12-08-2008 08:49 AM

Mentally confused?
My father had a mini stroke early November, but he recovered completely. Shortly after that he had pneumonia and when he recovered from that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It turned out that is hasn't spread to any other organs and last Friday he had a port inserted into his chest. He was released from hospital that same day but now he seems to be confused, for example, he can't see things that are right in front of him (my mother told him to eat his meat and he asked where it is, even though it was on his plate in front of him), he is looking for the remote and it is right there on the couch table, etc. Why is he like this???

scout316 12-09-2008 04:47 PM

Re: Mentally confused?
hi "D"

What does your father's dr. say about the way he is acting?Thatwould seem like something to be concerned about.

Sounds like it's an after effect of the mini stroke he suffered.My father passed on from lung cancer when he was 64...I know the drs. kept checking to see if he was mentally okay,because sometimes the cancer will spread to other parts like the brain.

My father's cancer never touched his brain...he was alert and his normal self the whole time.He had the shunt put in for the chemotherapy,but after only one dose of chemo he said forget it.He also had radiation and that was tough...he said no more and just wanted to stay athome and that's what he did.

I'm so sorry that your father has to go through this......I hope he gets better.You have to stay strong for him and make sure you get some answers from the drs. about his behavior and any other new symptoms he shows.

Please post back anytime....let me know how he's doing~take care~heartfelt wishes~

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