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Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

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Old 12-10-2008, 01:04 PM   #1
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Contender29 HB User
Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had experience in receiving this treatment. I'm very wary about the effectiveness and safety of this procedure. Messing around with the upper cervical area seems like such a serious matter.

I've been experiencing constant head pressure and lightheadedness for nearly 9 months now and don't know where else to turn. I went and had x-rays taken on Monday and next Monday I'm going for the results and possible adjustment (should I need one).

I also don't want to be going for adjustments for the rest of my life.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Old 07-31-2009, 11:09 PM   #2
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fuzzy101 HB User
Re: Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

Hi Pat,

how are you going with your symptoms? have you found any answers? would be good to get in contact with you as i share the exact same symptoms....

take care

Old 09-21-2009, 04:35 PM   #3
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direct22 HB User
Re: Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

I had 2 atlas orthogonal adjusments so far but before i get into to that hes my story...i've been having problems with my neck since my snowboarding accident for about 2 years now...the only thing i had tried untill now was massage from a sports doctor and osteopath wich seemed to give me temporary relief from the stabing sensasion i was feeling in my neck and pressure in the back of my head.
A couple of months ago i started getting nerve pain from my neck that traveled underneath my shoulderblade to my arm...i knew i had to do something about it before it gets worse so i went to physio for one session wich made it nerve got inflated and i had to go to the hospital from the pain all they did was give me pills and sent me home...After taking antiflamatories for 10 days it calmed down and i could function then 1 day i was on ******* and came accros a video of a lady that was on the show "The D'rs" she had the same problems i had except the headaches i never had headaches..she had an atlas orthogonal adjustment....i thought i had found the solution to my problems and it made sense so i did some research and i found the closest chiro that had that machine.
The chiro did the X-Rays and found that my atlas was misalligned by 2.5 degrees to the right wich explains why i felt the pressure in the back of my head and numb shoulder,he also did x-rays after the adjustment to see if it went back in place but he only showed me the next session..after doing my first adjustmnet i felt like a weight came off my shoulder and my neck got loose in fact too loose...just felt a little weird but slept good that night.I woke up good just felt a little sore in the neck no big deal but in the afternoon afetr moving around for a bit around my house i felt nauseous and had all kinds of symptoms but didnt last long...i took a relaxent and at night the muscles got all loose again i almost felt like i had no neck..Had another good nightsleep and felt better the next day till a little sore though but no symptoms...I already had another apointment that day so i told the chiro i felt better.He showed me the x-rays that we took after the adjustment and told me my atlas moved back to 0.25 almost straight but another vertebra had moved to 3 degrees wich was previously at 2.5 but he said it was in a good way dont know what he ment by that.I should of stoped right there cause i was feeling better..He did another adjustment and i didnt feel any different that night..The next day i woke up good once again and i had movement in my neck that i had lost for a long time so i steped out to rent a dvd with my girlfriend,while i was in the videostore i turned my neck to the left to look at something and it felt almost like i got hit by lighting in the neck causing me major nerve problems and i thought i was gonna die it almost felt like i had just hit my head and there was new trauma there like the day i fell..i was able to sleep after taking another relaxent..Its been a few days now that im recovering and its the same patern pretty much,i wake up in the morning feeling almost normal then as the day goes on i get all kinds of symptoms tiredness,leepyness,lihtheadedness,depre ssion,uscle spasmes in the neck and lower back,pressure in the back of the head and of course soreness is always there...the only 2 possitive things are the relief i have in my neck were i used to feel the stabing sensation and more movement in my neck other than that i hate how i feel i'd rather have pain then what i feel now...i was told its my body trying to heal itself..i hope it wont last too long cause i cant live like this...i wonder if other ppl that did this felt this way..I didnt go to my apointment today cause im scared what its gonna do to me again ill wait and c how i feel for a couple of dayz and then i might go again if i feel not saying atlas orthogonal adjustment is bad cause it did give me some relief in the areas that i needed but gave me a bunh of other problems ..not everybody reacts this way i guess...i suggest before you do it though to take some days off work cause you might feel very tired the next day

Old 11-04-2009, 10:11 AM   #4
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bluesport5555 HB User
Re: Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

hi, wow... i have the exact same symptoms that you're describing. I had a whiplash/neck injury while wakeboarding and i get the gradual decline and worsening of symptoms as the day goes on. It is so rediculous!!!! it's hard to even function throughout the day. I also have high anxiety involved with this injury too! I get really nauseated and can barely function. Do you get the anxiety/panic attacks or the nausea? I feel for you man. I've spent the last six months trying to figure out what is going on. Let me know how you're doing? hey i forgot to mention the atlas treatment. I've had it done a few times but it leaves me with a headache when i wakeup in the morning. The chiro wants me to do a 3 month program that costs 2500 dollars. I'm a little skeptical also. I've read good and bad about it. The three visits i had didn't seem to do that much for me and have caused more problems like yours.

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Old 10-16-2011, 09:27 AM   #5
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jewelsoffire HB User
Re: Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

I am so glad someone has written about this and I want to share my story. I feel that after 7 years of atlas orthogonal, it's a hoax. I know some will bash me, but it really is.

For several years, it helped me. But like the snowboarder on here, out of nowhere, after an adjustment when my atlas in "in" it will go out and I will have pain in the base of my neck where my atlas is and then my whole body will be off and misaligned. Seriously, all I have to do for this to happen is walk, stretch and live.

Then I am told I need to come in more for more treatments.

I thought this thing was the best thing since sliced bread, but now, I need a treatment everyday and I can't afford it! So, clearly it's not working. And what I read about it on the net is that people have a treatment and they hold for months to a year??? Are you serious? I wish. In my dreams.

I have a herniated disc and bulging discs and I have come to believe that not everything is the ATLAS's responsibility. I have a herniated disc. The atlas bone is not the sole reason I am out, but I am sold that song by the atlas chiro every time. I am sick of it.

For those that don't have a major problem, I think it can work. But for those that have disc disease, etc, it will work momentarily.

There are my 2 cents. It's not a long time fix, just like all of chiropractic.

And...I have come to question; just what is that soundwave device doing? Really. What is it doing or could it be doing long term?

For years I didn't do Atlas treatment, why am I being sold that it is the only thing that will work?

Especially when it doesn't work for more than a few days.

I seriously hope that other people write some stories that are not so positive on here because I know there are more of us with this problem than I am finding.

The following user gives a hug of support to jewelsoffire:
daisygirl777 (01-08-2012)
Old 03-30-2012, 10:52 AM   #6
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jennifers512 HB User
Smile Re: Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

Atlas Orthogonal absolutely works and not for just minor or non-severe cases. It shines with chronic cases that others can't figure out. Yes, it will take time for your body to heal. It will not happen overnight and in the beginning you will be seen more frequently, but as you get stronger you will go in less and less frequently. Your doctor should have given you this information when they gave you a treatment plan. My Dr. in Austin is amazing and I've seen others in her waiting room crying because after years and years of chronic pain she has given them relief.....and they're now coming in infrequently just as I am. I never experience the pain I used to and can't even remember those days because I feel so darngood now. Atlas Orthogonal gave me my life back. With any treatment you must allow your body to heal...this does take time and yes, it can be anywhere from 50-70 a visit but for a year of care in 2011 I paid 2500.00 total out of pocket and was then reimbursed through insurance.....This was MUCH better than surgery and some of the other things doctors wanted me to do. Pain free effective care...definitely do it if you're tired of being in pain!

Old 04-14-2012, 11:42 PM   #7
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samuelmiller88 HB User
Re: Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

Atlas Orthogonal saved me from my misery.

I've had back problems dating back to 12 years of age. I've seen many chiropractors over the years. As time has gone on I've been in 3 fender benders and my back hand health issues increased. Chiropractics maintained me but didn't fix my problems. Then about 2 years ago I took a fall and landed on the side of my head and shoulder. My issues progressed into more than just pain but the tension running up the right side of my body caused constant fogginess, almost daily headaches, and messed with my balance.

Doctors told me it was just stress, and normal chiropractics didn't do anything for me anymore. It took about 6 months, but I came across atlas orthogonal treatment. I instantly noticed a difference. I felt alot better, balance came back, fogginess retreated. However, like a few of you noted, the slightest thing would cause my atlas to slip out of place again and I'd have to go back and spend another $40.

Here's the thing though. If you really feel better after the treatment, then the treatment is still the key. There is something else going on.

For me I've discovered through lots of trial an error that all these years of being misaligned have caused severe knots and locked up muscles throughout my body. And unlike someone who's had a recent injury and gets treated with A.O.T. my muscles didn't relax after the treatment. They stayed in knots keeping continual tension on the atlas waiting for the slightest wrong move to add a little more tension in the wrong way and pull the atlas back out.

So to assist in the treatment of my atlas I've seen medical massage therapists, learned self-trigger point therapy, vascular flushes, utilized a self adjustment technique ebook, and have spent countless hours doing self massage chasing out knots all over my body as the body is a finely balanced machine and each muscle effects and interacts with other muscles in a domino chain.

It's been a lot of work, and over a year now, but I feel better than I have at the age of 33 than the rest of my prior life. I've very little back pain. My atlas only slips out to a small degree, hardly affecting me, and I can slip it back in at any time. I fully believe that in the next 1-2 months I will no longer have any back problems, and my atlas will be fully stabilized. Also I'd like to note my tmj and teeth grinding have been gone for months now.

Anyways, I fully endorse the treatment. Just remember, it's not a magic pill. If it helps however then it's treating at least part of the problem. It may take some effort on the individuals part to figure out what else might be going on. But it's worth it. Don't give up, keep searching and trying things until you've restored yourselves.

Old 08-19-2012, 07:12 AM   #8
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Acquitel HB User
Re: Has anyone had atlas orthogonal treatment?

I had a golfing injury which caused my back to hurt which led me to see a chiropractor. To cut the long story short the chiro in one of the sessions i think screwed my neck. That was 15 yrs ago. Ever since then i had sore left shoulder and neck which makes me stretch my neck to the right. I tried to see different doctores but they just wanted to shoot me up with steroids, which i think was not the solution.

Anyway, one day i woke up and i had a hard time moving my arm. It was so painful because it felt like all my tendons were short. I i searched in ******* exercises to fix neck to finger numbness and i saw the one you look up and shrug your shoulder for 15 seconds and then look down with your chin hitting the chest.

I then took a muscle pain reliever alaxan fr and myonal (muscle relaxant) ibefore i slept. Next day i twisted my neck and stretched it. I felt it pop and then all of a sudden i could move my arm and neck pain was gone. First time in fifteen yrs. i didnt want to do anything nor drink any meds cuz it might change my condition again. I just wanted it to be that way til my muscle stiffens again. But it didnt stay that way.

Next day i felt my neck so loose and a litle twist and there would sort of bring pain to a different side. It was like my neck was too soft. I tried to look for the right position through twisting and popping it. (slowly is the key) this went on for several days. I would get it right and then twist it in the wrong place again. I would only drink the muscle relaxant when i Couldnt correct the position anymore.

One day i felt it pop differently. This time it popped but it was stiff. My neck was no longer that loose. I then immediately wore a neck brace to keep it in place til the meds wore off.

Now i feel that i am ok. It is really a very frustrating, depressing situation. I feel new things everynow and then. I figured that is my body readjusting to the change of muscular balance.

Overall. It took me three weeks on a hit and miss thing with my own neck adjustment not knowing if it was gonna get worse or get better. But eventually it did get better.

Dont lose hope. Hope you all get well.

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