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sarah1299 12-12-2008 02:15 PM

MRI brain scan
I had a scan a week ago and have been asked to have a 2nd MRI brain scan in one wee time. What would be the reason for the 2nd scan. The radiographer said that i had kept very still and good images were taken wih the first scan, so i just do not understand the need to repeat scan

skbrmom 12-12-2008 04:16 PM

Re: MRI brain scan
Perhaps they see a little "something" that could be just an error in the MRI or maybe a true problem. Technology isnt perfect, but its still pretty amazing! I too just had an MRI of my brain done last Friday. I am anxious to hear the results, yet I am a bit afraid too. I hope yours is clear and good!

feelbad 12-13-2008 07:50 AM

Re: MRI brain scan
what the above poster mentioned could be the reason,or it could be that they saw "something' that just needed better clarification to actually Dx as a something. i am not trying to freak you out here or anything but when this happened to me(they actually called my house as i was walking in the door from just having my MRI done there)i was told i needed another better "enhanced' scan but they did not tell me at that time they suspected a brain aneurysm. i found that out later. did you have a contrast agent used during the first one? did they want to do that with your second one?

this could be as simple as wanting to see an area that just did not show well the first go round(espescially if they did not actually use contrast) so they needed you to come back for a better scan of a particular area. you really don't know or wont know til you here from your doc on this. hopefully it is nothing serious. there just are many many different reasons why they may have done this. what did they say to you when they asked you to have the second scan? have you called your doc yet and asked him? you DO have the right to actually know whats up,don;t forget that. did they actually do an MRI again or an MRA? do you kow for certain?

the one big thing you need to remember with ANY actual radiologist read of any films is it all comes down to THAT particular rads level of experience and overall expertise and years of just doing interpretations which would really dictate how well your films get read or what is or is not seen or picked up,you know what imean? depending upon what his or her overall 'impressions' of a finding are,would dictate how things get found or written in your report. this is why most good specialists will not usually give a whole lot of gravity to any rad report and prefer to do their own read of your hard films according to their overall experience and knowledge of whatever is found upon "their" own read along with the rads read.

soo,with all that said,this could be a something or a nothing. i know you wanted more definitive answers,but in this world or MRI,its kind of up to what is actually there and how any given rad really interprets it. don't overthink this,K? wait til you have a call from your ordering doc to really find out what was found in that MRI report. easier said than done i know,but this is kind of where you are at right now.the wait and see mode. hopefully you will hear from your doc soon and know something more solid. i am wishing you all the good luck in the world for a good normal read here. please keep us posted as to what you find out,K? just what was the reason for the MRI to be done in the first place? what symptoms were you displaying? marcia

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