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elle45 01-29-2009 08:35 AM

Essential Tremors
I hope I am on the correct board for this. Anyway I have had shaky hands since I was a kid. I have asked Dr's. about this and they always said it was just a hereditary condition, nothing to worry about. Yesterday I went do a nerologist about chronic back pain I have been having for the past year and just for some unknown reason I mentioned my shaky hands( which are getting worse as I get older). He had me so some simple fine motor skill things, asked me some questions and determined I have "essential tremors". He did explain that it is nothing to worry about and that we would work on it after we figure out my other problem. Well upon doing some research on my own I came across something that said people with this condition have increased activity in the "thalamus" the part of the brain that relays pain. Does this mean people with this condition feel pain more that others? Also what other problems can this cause beside problems with fine motor skills?
I also read that people with this condition live longer than others, and alcohol helps it. So there is a positive side to every problem.LOL
Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

Roice 08-14-2009 03:58 PM

Re: Essential Tremors
Hi elle45,
I was diagnosed with essential tremors 1993. They have just started getting worse in the last 2 years. My doctor told me that I needed to cut out some of my caffeine. I know that this works because when I drink anything with caffeine in it I notice that my hands shake worse. I take Mysoline for mine and it seems to help. I have also read on this sight that B12 and vitamine D may help. I haven't ever heard that you live longer, but we might and I very seldom have any kind of pain not even a headache. The embarrassment of the shaking in front of people, which my hands only shake when I am doing something with my left hand, like filling a plate but it doesn't stop me from doing other things. The drinking alcohol I might have to try some and see. My Dad has a slight shaking in his hands but he is 78. I don't remember anyone else in my family having them.

elle45 08-19-2009 01:54 PM

Re: Essential Tremors
Thanks for the reply. I almost forgot I posted this thread, it was so long ago. I have since been dx with fibromyalgia which is the cause of some of my pain. Which I believe was brought on by the cervical lminectomy I had in April of 08.
I also mostly shake when doing things mostly left handed. I had to stop waitressing because I couldn't get the drinks to the customers w/o making a mess.LOL

knightayan 08-21-2009 10:50 AM

Re: Essential Tremors
hi elle
i am 36 now and i have essentional tremor since my boyhood.i have it in my right hand and the left side of my became worse with time and sometimes it was very disabling.i use inderal it works best in hand and head tremor and less side effect than mysoline.did u try it or not?is ur tremor mild or severe?tell me what eat all the day because our eating habits make our tremor some time worse but if we take care and make some changes in our food taking it is very helpful to reduce tremor to 50 % witout medicine.take porridge of barley in the breakfast u will feel good till lunch time and then take what u eat most and at dinner take boiled rice with milk it works wonder i think u will try it.if it not work for u then tell me again i will try my best to make u happy.god bless u

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