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xiaomeicare 07-07-2009 10:38 PM

Imbalance, heavy head, being tossed about when doing anything.
Symptoms of my Imbalance
Heaviness pressing/weighing down strongly from top centre of head passing by both ears down to neck/shoulders towards back, spine & centre of body. This heaviness seems to be gradually increasing in strength since I got it in mid 2007. Head heaviest at back of head above neck (area sandwiched between both ears) Neck stiff, tight & heavy. Sometimes, slight pressure from both ears downwards, or feeling of fullness in ears. Feeling of tossing about in a sampan and feelings of being drunk. When I walk, my feet are heavy, feeling of a force pulling/pushing on the upper back of my body. (like a stretched rubber band that springs back & forth) Always feel tired, lethargic & sleepy in the day. When I sit down, feeling of a force pushing me back against the sofa. Sometimes I could hear faint palpitation/beating of my ears/heart, especially after some kind of activity for about 10 minutes. (e.g. walking, stretching, getting up from bed middle of night) Only feel better when sitting down on a sofa back that I can lean back my neck & head behind it. Feel as if my heavy neck needs support in order to stand upright on its own. Once in a while, I get a split second slight “twitch” sore feeling on the right side of my head with slight pressure in right ear too. (especially when I talk too loud/long or breathe in very deeply)

“Pull & push” force on the upper back of my body & feelings of tossing about in a sampan & feelings of being drunk are strongest when I do any simple activity e.g. bend head down eating at meals, type emails, filing documents, sorting/packing things, stand upright with feet apart for more than 5 minutes, sit down for more than 10 minutes on a stool. I get all above nasty symptoms whenever I exert/use strength to do anything, (stretch my limbs, carry heavy things, exercise), as a result my body/limbs movements tend to be stiff (robotic).

I only feel good when I lie down (e.g. sleeping). My imbalance has something to do with gravitation. When I lie on the floor (horizontal) I’m OK & I don’t feel any heaviness at all, but the moment I stand up (vertical) slowly I get all the above nasty symptoms. In any day the only time I ever feel good is the first 10 minutes when I get up from bed. ENT specialists have confirmed that I am not suffering from Vertigo & I do not have “spinning” feelings or nausea. I can stand on any one leg without falling. However, I have mild ethmoid & maxillary sinusitis. I’ve done 6 MRIs of the brain/cervical spine & the scans/x-rays say results normal.

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Thank you for your help!

regalsone 09-20-2009 02:43 PM

Re: Imbalance, heavy head, being tossed about when doing anything.
Have you gotten any relief lately? How have you been feeling.
I'm here to listen if you need someone to talk to.

kandychic 10-16-2009 08:33 AM

Re: Imbalance, heavy head, being tossed about when doing anything.
This sound like something my father and sister were diagnosed with. Meniere Disease. Might be something you want to check into - it's an inner ear problem, deals with your equiliberum being off balance and well "balance balls rolling around" so to say. Causing you to stagger, feel like you are drunk. He is on Betahistimes for it and seems to help him a lot. It will happens from time to time, but he takes a pill as soon as it does and it makes him feel better within minutes.

qysue 11-21-2009 07:24 PM

Re: Imbalance, heavy head, being tossed about when doing anything.
Hi Fuzzy101

There're some similarities in our symptoms. I've done EEG result says "mild abnormality with frontal & central slows, accentuated during hyperventilation" A GP & ENT suspected a tiny mini brain & inner ear nerve has been ruptured. I'm now seeing a Chinese physician who feels my hands pulse & prescribes herbs. He said I'm having "nerve & hormonal problem" & it takes time to see healing effects. I'm complementing this daily taking one CoenzymeQ10 30 mg, Methycobalamine 1000mg (B12), Fish Oil 500 mg & Zocor 10mg for cholesterol control. When I see some improvement I let you know.

fuzzy101 11-22-2009 03:07 PM

Re: Imbalance, heavy head, being tossed about when doing anything.
good work qysue. I am going for a botox injection into my neck muscle tomorrow. Ill let you know also how i go. I get shockwave (electric) type feeling through my head also when i sit still, pressure at base of skull. Bye for now

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