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gail300 07-12-2009 08:37 AM

Post brain surgery
My friend had a brain tumor removed about 6 weeks ago. After the surgery she experienced blurred vision, slurred speech and the inability to walk due to lack of balance. These symptoms are still there ....also she sleeps about 20 hours a day and has to be awakened in the mornings ....she has no interest in anything but does eat her 3 meals a day only because her partner is making them for her...she is 59 years old and this brain tumor resulted from breast cancer which occurred about 9 years ago. Is this normal that she is sleeping so much? She has to take a steroid to reduce the swelling of the brain and I think it is DECADRON OR DEXATRON...I'm not sure of the correct spelling...the surgeon says everyone responds differently from brain surgery and cannot say when this brain fatigue will go away....Can someone help me with information about this??? thank you.:confused:

jennybyc 07-20-2009 05:31 PM

Re: Post brain surgery
Sleep is one of the best things for a person who has undergone brain surgery. It lets the brain heal. When awake, the brain is busy running the mind. When asleep, the brain can concentrate on itself.

So let her sleep. When the swelling is down and she has healed, she'll slowly start spending more time awake. She'll probably have those same deficits for a while...slurred speech, blurred vision and balance problems....but they should go away or can be treated. I am doing PT right now for balance problems from 4 small strokes in 5 months. And I still nap at least once a day. And I still can't spell! But it is improving steadily.

Just give her support and be very patient.

gentle hugs............Jenny

feelbad 07-22-2009 08:59 AM

Re: Post brain surgery
i am just curious if she is actually on ANY type of the anti convulsants at all? some people can be very very sensitive to them. the thing here is they actually kind of do their 'work" from the cerebellum which just happens to also govern some vision,gait,balance and speech. this is also the area that alcohol affects too when we drink? when the police are doing their little tests when someone gets pulled over this IS the area of the brain they are checking and testing since it gets slowly put to sleep with alcohol too. every single test they do is simply checking the overall 'proprioperception'.

her overall proprio really does appear to be what is being impacted most right now. but like i mentioned already, if she IS actually on any of the anti C types of meds, which are sometimes kind of standard after certain brain surgeries, it could also be either causing this or at least exascerbating it. was her tumor in her cerebellum or even near it at all? just some things that could explain her symptoms. jenny is also very right about any patient with brain injury/surgery needing sleep. they usually will actually place most brain injury patients into a purposeful coma for just this reason. they did this with my youngest when he suffered a traumatic brain injury too back in 04? he had a brain bleed into the frontal lobe along with a double skull fracture right up the back skull sutures.

hopefully her docs are all on top of these things and are making certain she is indeed getting the best care possible. i am sorry she has had to suffer this way. please let us know how she is doing. Marcia

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