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arivalan 01-30-2010 09:08 PM

subacute subdural hematoma

On October 4th, 09 I colapsed in the class suddenly while I was teaching in Vietnam, Hanoi. I was hopitalised at French Hospital in Vietnam for 8 days. I only can remember the last three days of the hopital days. CT scan revealed that I was suffering from bleeding in the brain. After the medications in the hospital, surprisingly I have recovered without much problems. I am not alcoholic, I am a vegetarian, but work with computer for many hours. I do exercise regularly (jogging 5 km) and also do YOGA (for 20 yrs). After the hospitalization, the optometrician advised me to wear specticles because I was suffering from double visions after the attack. Three weeks ago took MRI scan, and it shows the brain is normal. Before the attack my wife complained that I was not normal and easily get angry and difficult to talk with. Now she is telling I am very much normal like before. My question is, what could be the possible cause of the attack and what are the things and food, medicines which I should avoid now. I always take pain killers, paracetamol and flu medicine to keep me healthy during the class sessions. I would greatly appreciate your advise

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