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570ryanc 06-18-2010 07:10 PM

Variouse Brain Issues - Brain Jerk, Tumour? Altzheimers? HELP!
Hello i'm Ryan,17, 18 in 9 days time from Northern Ireland.

I have been experencing some rather discoumforting feelings inside the region of my brain. And am starting to see changes in my personality as my memory,speech, and the drive to do things is deteriorating. Droopy eyelids, shaky body ( Anxious), have suffered from quit a substacual amount of bullying,anxiety,stress Personality changes, such as suddenly becoming depressed. Also very curiouse about death and if there is a god or not.
A rare | seziure | & or | spasm | occours randomly as lieng in bed at night as if to almost fall asleep then suddenly my body jerks and spasms and my heartrate icreases rapidly just out of a random occourence i am very unsure of this although its been over some months from its last occournce.

Im not sure on the cause of this tho i sometimes would feel and experience a slight wet,warm/cold feeling on the top right side of my brain it dosent last for more than 2 seconds as its very brief and painless but the flow of liquid sensation would vary at different occourances, for instance, the feeling, it would sometimes occour and i would feel a light warm feeling followed by a very very slight occourance of pain lasting for one second. Other times on the exact region (top right) it would feel as a slight warmish liquid flow was occouring on the outer or inner frame of the brain itself. Im very very curiouse on if this is a symptom of a brain tumour which is why i would need a substancial amount of feedback comments before i make a decision on to contact and visit a doctor on arranging an MRI.

Also another slight accouring sensation inside the brain around the middle lower region would be a slight brain Jerk/shunt from time to time this would occour whether i slightly move my head to the side ever so slightly be it 5/10 degrees this jerk sensation would happen almost as if a cracking occourence inside the brain. Im unsure on if this is a brain stem injury and am also very concerd on this occourence i would really appreiate some support on this occourence.

I would also like to state that a number of years ago possibly 25 years ago my mothers grand father had passed away due to altziemers desieze, i am already starting to experience indications of memory loss and forgetfull ness alot but can already imagine what the doctor would say to me if i was to tell him this, that i would be far to young to worry about that yet tho im sure it could still be a possible case in teenagers even at its developing stage as it can be common through the genetic ocomes.

I hope you can all relate to my brain issues as im in alot of fear and am concerned for the what future lies ahead.

Thank you for your time and i will be very very keen and gratefull to find feedback responses.

All the best, Ryan.

570ryanc 06-18-2010 07:27 PM

Re: Variouse Brain Issues - Brain Jerk, Tumour? Altzheimers? HELP!
Id like to also point out that on the same spot where this wet/warmth occourance happens i would just frequently feel a ever so slightly pain, it not as a migrane or a headache just as a slight occourance this feeling would occour in a single once every minuite, once ever hour, or in a pulse rate just once ever second for around 5/6 times. the pain would also very at times but always remains on the light almost painless sensatin rather like a weak light toothache only brain terms. Im unsure on the exact location of this being it the right parietal lobe or right temporal lobe maybe in the middle section of both.

Kasey443 06-25-2010 06:38 AM

Re: Variouse Brain Issues - Brain Jerk, Tumour? Altzheimers? HELP!
Hi, Your symptoms do not seem to be serious. One cause may be stress, this causes the muscles in our bodies, especially our necks, to tense up, this in turn causes the head to jerk, or spasm, when turning it slightly or holding it in once position, as it is pulling on that muscle. The tenser the muscles, the more symptoms a person can have, memory, concentration, numbness, tingling, headaches etc. Also, a relative having alzheimers does not mean you will get it. You are way too young to be worried about something like that and should be out enjoying and living your life to the fullest. I would suggest going to the doc and just getting whatever tests the doc orders to rule out something serious so you do not have to worry. Then come back here and we can help you more after other things are ruled out. It is well known that stress is a a major cause of illness and can cause a whole host of symptoms, we do not do it on purpose, it is our bodies way of dealing with it, since we hold it inside, it comes out in symptoms. This may be all it is, and if so, you can then move on and get help with dealing with that. Please come back if you need more help or have any more questions.

mark453 02-03-2011 02:41 AM

Re: Variouse Brain Issues - Brain Jerk, Tumour? Altzheimers? HELP!
Hey Ryan,
I read your post tonight after not being able to fall asleep due to what sounds like an identical symptom to what you're having..."A rare | seziure | & or | spasm | occours randomly as lieng in bed at night as if to almost fall asleep then suddenly my body jerks and spasms and my heartrate icreases rapidly".

This sometimes keeps me awake all night and honestly it makes me afraid to even want to fall asleep, it feels like if I were to let it happen I would have some sort of brain seizure. Not sure what it is or why...any thoughts? Ever found anything that resolves it? Medication?


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