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570ryanc 12-15-2010 07:07 PM

Sings of a tumor, anuerysm? Help
Possible signs and symtoms of mine.

Please somone help

Difficulty writing, e.g. reading back what was written and finding it didn't make sense ( 2010 onwards )
Drooping/drowsey eyes ( 2010 onwards )
slurred speech, knowing what to say at times but thinking to long to find the right words, not remebering the words and the right meanings. ( 2010 onwards )
short term memory, very tired and when writing, could not keep text in line. Could not concentrate to add.
depression, no motivation, and memory problems. ( 2009 onwards)
Blood/wet type sensation like water on the brain sharp quick pain ( daily 7 - 8 times per day )
shaky/twitching/ face twiches at times of high sugar intake and possible anxiety due to peer pressure.
(left side)
Enlarged Skull size/bump (right) ( increased in size over the years )
Depression / mood change ( late 2009 onwards )
concentration impaired
A constant pain in one specific place (parietal). A light sharp pain. does NOT throb, but is consistent at times/ comes and goes.
(mild, quick, pinching nerve type headache) heavy, cold air type sensation on right parietal region at times of most concentration.

Notes: Slow-growing brain tumors may only cause dull, occasional head pain that is easily mistaken for a normal headache.

Head pain from brain tumors is often described as deep, steady, aching, or dull, but brain tumors rarely cause throbbing headaches.

Headaches can be a symptom of brain tumors, and those that are truly tumor-related have distinct characteristics that separate them from other conditions that cause headaches.

My eyes have gone drowsyer and have gotten more tired like looking over the past year, as fellow peers and friends have also came to notessing, and also my personality has become alot slower and less alert than it once was previously 2009 and before.

symtom journal: Wake up at 8:20am, usual dull feeling on the right parietal area no dull pain just a slight heavyness feeling on that particular area ( heavyer than the left parietal region)
9:15am make 2 rounds of toast, drink an actimel, and a glass of milk, start thinking at a faster pace, right parietal region dullness, it feels like a cold, airy, wind blowing sensation against the parietal side of the brain, just the right parietal side alone, as the left side feels as if to be at a normal temperature not feeling dullness or heaviness or any symtoms at all.
9:25am Enter car ( I am still a learner driver and have been for over a year now ) start to feel a gradual pinching nerve type pain on the right parietal area As i increase my concentration whilst driving. Drifting and gradually moving off to the right side of the road whilst driving on the marshalls town and the north road. ( this happens regular )
9:30am enter tech college ( essential skills course on which i intend to achieve a level 2 certificate in maths and english) dull nerve type pain tends to ease a slight bit as does my thinking rate, lay down with head on desk, depression/tired type mood thinking about the brain symtoms and how they change to when i think at different rates.
begin to become more aware of the situation as the tutor has the class doing activities such as writing paragraphs and such. As i begin to write i pause for every 20 to 30 seconds of writing whilst thinking longer tends to trigger and worsen the dull heavy cold sensation on the right parietal area. Hand writing has worsend over the years and tends to diagonally slant down the page to the right (cannot keep in between the lines at times) grammar and spelling knowledge has decreased recently also. Always forgetting the spelling of words, especially when copying from another page, looking at them and forgetting the spelling again and having to look back the page i was copying from. This can cause a slight depression mood to occur and as it does i tend to feel the dull symptoms on the right parietal lobe.
Feel more tired and less alert as day goes on, during the afternoon after the lunch break 1:30 i would be coming back prepared to improve my work rate, but doing so i feel more symtoms on the right parietal lobe,the dull heavy sharp never type pain followed by a wet blood type sensation as if the blood was leaking/dripping very slightly. As this occours it also stalls my concentration and makes me randomly stare at a blank wall or sheet of paper, whilst doing so my eyes would appear more drowsey and the letters on the page would appear double vision like.
whislt trying to communicate with the tutor or fellow peers my speech clutters where as i cannot find the right words on which i was wanting to say due to my memory beginning to degrade as it seems, this really effects my confidence and it feels like im constantly pressuring myself and straining my mind to find those words tho no matter how hard i think i just can find them and stop talking completely.

Feedback would be strongly appreiciated.


Kasey443 12-16-2010 09:38 PM

Re: Sings of a tumor, anuerysm? Help
Hi, Did anything happen right before your symptoms started? When did you start college compared to when the symptoms started? I do know a person can scare themselves into believing they have something by reading up on the symptoms and comparing them. Your symptoms may be caused by many things. Many of these symptoms can also come from a problem in the upper back and neck muscles, which is what was wrong with me, but it affected my thinking so much, I had all the symptoms of a concussion, without the concussion. The therapist explained to me what was going on, that my muscles, which were tense, and in knots, were pressing on the blood vessels going to my brain, affecting the oxygen supply, and causing my concentration, memory problems, headaches, etc. If you can narrow it down, to when the symptoms started, you may be able to figure out what may have brought them on, and then go to the doctor to get treatment.

feelbad 12-22-2010 07:39 AM

Re: Sings of a tumor, anuerysm? Help
just wondering if you have ever been evaluated by an actual dr for all of this? if not, you seriously NEED to go see one now, just to find out whats going on. basic scans along with a good neurological eval can show certain potential areas of involvement. along with possibly even finding the main reason for all the symptoms too. some diagnosises are pretty simple, while other require a bit more testing. but you just DO need to see a doc at this point. good luck with this and do keep us posted. marcia

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