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lymeslave 12-30-2011 05:51 PM

Any ideas? Please help me
I have been sick since the end of May this year, has been all healthy prior to this. Still not have a diagnosis and feeling worse over time.

It started off with quite bad vaginal yeast infection (never had it before), UTI, bacteria vaginosis, then 5 days later started to develop flu like feeling with not much symptom but general unwellness, weakness, minor coughs, night sweats, day time chills.

Then I started to have scary brain and eye symptoms. My right side brain is like in a shut off state, when people were talking to me, I can hear them but not able to respond, I felt a difference between my left side brain to my right side brain. This continued to today. I am really having lots of trouble doing my work (computer work) as my right brain seems not connected to the left brain, it's like the left side has the full power, but right side only power of 5.

Other symptoms and progressing over time:
Muscle aches - initially only in my limbs, now widespread to everywhere throughout my body including back, neck, fingers,etc...
Muscle weakness/soreness/discomfort - pain most noticable when using them and getting worse over time.
Eyes - Right eye always has bloodshot at the same spot, feels different from left. Both will get strained/sore easily.
Terrible drowsy/spaced out feeling - used to be really bad months ago, seems to have gotten little better.
Oval shaped patch on the chest - been there since the start, never went away. Skin biopsy revealed post inflammatory hyperpigmentation with rare pitorosoprum like yeast on the surface scale.
Chills/low grade fever/funny throat (always having to clear it)
Numbness when sleeping - not neuro numbness
Brain fog - used to be really bad at the onset, seems to have gotten a little better.
Rashes - all kinds including cuts like, bumps with pain, red lines.

Have done all kinds of blood tests, MRI brain, CT scan of body nothing came back showing abnormality. Have gone to all specialized doctors and can't find anything.

I was on antibiotics for some time and it had improved some of my symptoms with my brain and eye, not the physical body at all.

I am wondering if anybody out there has any ideas or in a similar situations, is this some kind of strange infections? Is it worthwhile to go to the Mayo clinic to get a diagnosis? I am very worried and feel very down as I am getting worse over time, my whole body feels like filled with strange stuff, non stop aching every second. Since the onset of my illness is yeast infection and they found yeast on my skin, could yeast like things have entered into my bloodstream?

thank you for reading my long post and your help!

sharkh14 02-21-2012 06:11 AM

Re: Any ideas? Please help me
I am really sorry to hear that you are having so many symptoms. I used to have horrible yeast infections, a lot of brain fog, and severe muscle tenderness. I finally went to an alternative M.D. She diagnosed me with dysbiosis, aka "leaky gut". Basically the balance between the good bacteria and the yeast in your body gets out of whack because of antibiotics, diet, etc. When this happens the good bacteria get killed and the yeast in your body takes over. The yeast releases toxins in your body that result in a myriad of symptoms.

I don't know that this is your problem, but it might be worth looking into. According to my doctor this is actually a very common problem, but is quite often overlooked and misdiagnosed. My doctor was able to help me a great deal just by having me start on a regimen of different supplements and changing my diet. I cut out processed foods, started eating grass-fed beef instead of corn-fed beef, cut out carbs (including whole wheat and rice), and tried to eat food that looked like exactly what it was. As far as supplements go, I now take magnesium, vitamin D3, B100 complex, selenium, an anti-fungal (right now it's grapefruit seed extract, you're supposed to change it every 6-8 weeks), a probiotic, and thryroid medication. I can't even explain the difference in my health.

I hope that you find an answer soon.

lymeslave 02-21-2012 09:14 AM

Re: Any ideas? Please help me
Hi sharkh14,

Thank you for your reply, I do appreciate your help on this. I am waiting to see a naturopath doctor.

I am currently taking grapefruit seed extract as I read it has lots of uses against all kinds of pathogens, it does have some help, but I am still having lots of symptoms and my body symptoms seem to be getting worse.

When you say "when taking grapefruit seed extract, you are supposed to change every 6-8 weeks", I am not sure what this means. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and I am taking the GSE concentrated one. I noticed I have lots of thick mucus coming out of my throat.

thanks again for taking your time in replying to my post and your help!

sharkh14 03-09-2012 09:42 PM

Re: Any ideas? Please help me
Sorry for taking so long to respond. I guess the part about changing the anti-fungal didn't really make much sense the way I wrote it. ; ) According to my doc and herbologist, you need to change the type of anti-fungal you are taking every 6-8 weeks. The fungus in your system starts to adapt to the anti-fungal, so if you use the same anti-fungal for too long it becomes ineffective. Other anti-fungals you can use are Olive Leaf Extract, Caprilyc Acid, and Oil of Oregano. You may also want to try taking a pro-biotic to replace the good bacteria that gets killed off in your intestines when you take antibiotics.

Also, a long time ago before I saw the Alternative doc I see now, I read about a study that found Maitake mushrooms to be effective at fighting vaginal yeast infections. I took it to my OB/GYN and he said it was worth a try since none of the other prescription treatments were working for me. It seemed to help more than anything else at the time. Eventually, I stopped having so many problems up until about a year ago. Another remedy my old OB/GYN used that seemed to help more than prescription drugs was blue ink. He said that women used to use it a long time ago before so many prescriptions became available. I would go in and he basically used a large cotton swab to paint everything blue. If you have a doc that will do this for you, make sure that you wear granny panties for a few days. It is ink, so it dyes anything you wear next to your skin. My doc tried this after having me take Diflucan daily for 3 weeks with no results.

Hopefully, this helps with some of your symptoms.

lymeslave 03-14-2012 01:15 PM

Re: Any ideas? Please help me
Thank you very much Sharkh14, I do appreciate your suggestions and will give them a try.

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