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infinity2k 06-04-2012 05:02 AM

My 2 year old sons mri scan
In february my son had a 25 minute tonic clonic fit, 4 weeks later he had a 45 minute fit. He also suffers from absent seizures and sometimes shakes. His absent seizures started when he was about one year old but I didnt understand what they were. Last year he had a fever fit several times but now I know it was actual epilepsy.

He is on epilim and if his fit lasts 5 mins we have to give buxalam if it continues for 10 more mins we give buxalam again and obviously ring an abulance. He also does not sleep well and can be very hyperactive.

We saw the consultant who explained the mri scan was abnormal and that there was some rain damage and he would like to watch his developement. He has referred us to the neurologist which has been taking ages to come through even tho he hoped we would see him in a week and a half.

This is his mri scan report -

Findings -

there is mild expansion of the righ hemi cranium, which is associated with a very prominent extra cerebral CSF signal intensity fliud collection overlying particulary the posterior hemisphere and under the temporal lobe. It is not clear whether the extra cerebal fluid lies within the subarachnoid or subdural compartment, although there are some features that would suggest that, particulary over the parieto-occipital region, the fluid is within the subdural moderate expansion of the right lateral ventricle, particulary posteriorly, which is associated with gliosis in the medial parieto-occipital region. There is a ulegyria of the medial posterior cerebal cortex, however, cortical formation and developement elsewhere is unremarkable. There is a thinning of the posterior corpus callosum. There is equivocally a little gliosis in the medial aspect of the left cerebral hemiphere, however, this appears otherwise unremarkable.


Complex appearances in the right cerebral hemisphere which reflect combination of mature damage with ex-vacuo expansion of the right lateral ventricle and widened sulci and, in addition, a probable subdural hygroma, which maybe associated with the right middle cranial fossa arachnoid cyst. The nature of this process is uncertain, although it would be important to determine if there is a history of past trauma.

I have a very basic understanding of the report so if anyone else would like to attempt to explain it to me please do. My son is only two and personally this seems to be too much. He has never had a knock to the head so they think it could be due to his brain not developing properly. I have read that e could of learning difficulties, if you were me would you think he will do. Im I over worry or not worrying enough. Very confused mum

infinity2k 07-12-2012 03:11 PM

Re: My 2 year old sons mri scan
For anyone who may of read this, I have now got results.

My sons brain damage was caused by a stroke in the womb which has cause the damage. The damage has caused epilepsy and mild cerebal palsy.

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