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xavierice 06-20-2018 06:45 AM

Brain MRI - Hole in Brain. Please help
Age: 27 Male (91 kilos)

Other Stuff: BP, Allergy - Painkillers and Sulphur

Current Medications : Libirum 10, Telma AM

Symptoms are getting worse from 1 month.

I have following symptoms

>> Headache

>> Pain in Right side of Head and ear

>> Dizziness

>> Difficulty to determine object position, and bumped into walls and chairs (Sometimes)

>> Pain in Left leg and shoulder (Sometimes)

>> Stomach pain with black stool (Sometimes)

>> Cold, Running Nose (Recently developed)

>> Cannot sleep at night, wakes up at 2 in the morning usually.

>> Sometimes blurred vision when working on the laptop

>> Difficulty getting down the staircase (Somewhat confused) but fine while climbing up.

I had got this MRI checked from the doctor. But he was in hurry and hardly even looked at reports and put me on Librium 10

Can any suggest what that black hole may be and should I go for the second opinion?

Thanks in advance

MSNik 06-20-2018 09:04 AM

Re: Brain MRI - Hole in Brain. Please help
Hi there. Black holes are caused by atrophy of the brain. When the myelin sheath, the protective covering of the nerves is destroyed (usually by an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis) the gray matter of your brain is also destroyed, When enough of it is destroyed, the MRI shows it as a black spot, known as a black hole.

Before you start getting worried, I have 11 of them on my MRI and I am fully functional, completely independent and am working on my graduate degree while working 3 jobs. Black holes do not mean anything at all as far as what you can and cannot do. I also have been dx with Multiple Sclerosis; although you would never know it to look at me.

You really need to take the CD of the MRI to a neurologist and have that doctor go over this with you. If you can find a doctor who reads their own films, even better...MS specialist are the very best Neuros to look for as they are also trained in reading brain MRIs, and even if you do not have MS, they can look at confirm that and send you where they think you need to go. No general practioner is qualified to read a brain MRI.

I am not sure what type of doctor you are seeing, but you need a specialist who deals with the brain; a neurologist to rule out and diagnose whatever is going on with you.

Snoopy61 06-20-2018 10:25 AM

Re: Brain MRI - Hole in Brain. Please help
Hi xaviericeblade,

How do you know you have a hole in your brain?

If you are looking at the MRI and are not a Radiologist it is impossible to know what is normal or not normal. What you might be seeing on the MRI could be normal and why the Dr. was not concerned.

Every medication, over-the-counter and prescription has side effects. It is possible that Telmisartan is causing some of your symptoms. Check with the prescribing Dr.or Pharmacist for the best information about your medication.

Do you know why you were prescribed Libirum 10? This medication is used for different things one of them being anxiety. Anxiety can cause body wide Physical symptoms.

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