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  • brain tumor? please help!!!

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    Old 12-07-2004, 11:33 AM   #1
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    sarahmarie HB User
    brain tumor? please help!!!

    hello. i have a long history of headaches. they started when i was a young child. i went to see doctors numerous times. they never found anything wrong with me. throughout the years, the headaches have come & gone. i go through periods where they're constantly present & other times i rarely get them. i'm 20 years old now. i'm concerned because for the past year or two i've been getting strange feelings in my head. sometimes i get a tingling sensation or a feeling of pressure in my head. every once in a while, i will get really lightheaded & feel really out of it for 10-20 minutes. i feel like i'm about to faint, but i've never actually passed out. sometimes i get the pins & needles sensation throughout my body. i've also had a feeling of numbness. i also notice a hand tremor from time to time. lately it seems like the pain is concentrated on one side of my head when i get headaches. i've always gotten a lot of sinus headaches. i've never had a seizure. (although my mother has epilepsy.) i've never vomited due to a headache. when i went to see the doctor, she said that it was allergies. everyone seems to think that i'm a hypochondriac. could this be a brain tumor? my mother & grandfather have neuropathy. i'm really worried! please help me! am i overreacting to this or should i be seriously concerned?

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    Old 12-07-2004, 11:48 AM   #2
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    dizzyone HB User
    Re: brain tumor? please help!!!

    I would consult a doctor and get him to order a CT scan or an MRI, it will detect if a tumor or something else is in the brain and if that may be the cause of your headaches, if thats clear you may be avle to just some meds. that will help with the headaches. Sandra

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    sarahmarie HB User
    Re: brain tumor? please help!!!

    my doctor told me not to worry about getting an MRI, but i'm thinking about getting a second opinion. i just hope it's not too late. has anyone else experienced these symptoms? i'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

    Old 01-08-2005, 10:08 AM   #4
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    Pablo2 HB User
    Unhappy Re: brain tumor? please help!!!

    The answer to your question is yes, I to have had similar experiences. My symptoms started just before Christmas 2004 I went to a Company Christmas party and after a heavy drinking session in New York I woke up the next day i was feeling a little light headed but I put that down to a hangover.

    The next night I woke up to very strange smell it was so strong I was sure I was going to vomit, I was feeling very lightheaded and I couldnt focus properly with my eyes, the smell lasted for days in my nostrils and my wife couldnt smell it. I have pain in my back up through my neck and a strange feeling in my head it was like pressure but with out the pain, I am getting the occasional sharp stabbing pain with a feeling of pressure and numbness around the temples. I went to the doctor and he brushed me off with anti inflammatorys for Osteoperosis, this actually made my head feel worse so I stopped and took myself to the hospital.

    They conducted a head CT scan and blood tests but found nothing yet nearly 4 weeks later I still have this sense of pressure on my temples the pain in my neck has subsided but I noticed that if the pain increased in my back then the feeling of pressure in my head would also increase. My wife thinks I am also a Hyperchondriact and because of the Hospital results and the because of what my wife says i am beginning to think that this i am going nuts.

    The Strange smell has gone however the feeling of pressure is still there, I have been going to see a Chiropractor and that has eased the pain a little in my back, so may be that was a seperate issue but the feeling inmy head is still there and driving me nuts.

    Any advise

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    Old 01-23-2005, 01:49 AM   #5
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    radasjewel HB User
    Re: brain tumor? please help!!!

    Hi Guys,
    I recommend you get an EEG done or get tested for Epilepsy. Everything you've said can be related to Temporal Lobe or Complex Partials. Sahrah Marie you say your mother has Epilepsy and it does run in families. You might have had small siezures and not known it. Just because you dont fall on the ground and convulse doesn't mean your not having a siezure. IT could be as something as simple as the eyes rollback in your head for a few seconds and you have a thumping headache and feel nauses. The strange feelings in your head could be what is called aura which gives the impression of everything going in slow motion or just "seemingly" surreal, the tingling and preasure are all consistant with aura and partial or complex partial siezures. Temporal Lobe siezures are very complex as there is no definate type they vary from individuals. Can be something you hear, see, or smell. Could be a mixture of thoughts and emotions pummeled at you and normally end in extreme fatigue and headaches. Get your doc to test for Epilepsy it is something that can be done with Ct scan Mri or an eeg.
    I am not saying that this is the answer but from your post I would wage a heavy bet saying it is very likely.
    I don't suffer from Epilepsy, I just live with it
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    Old 01-24-2005, 02:33 AM   #6
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    Forevermytoes HB User
    Re: brain tumor? please help!!!

    Hello Guys,

    Sorry for the long post, long restless nights.

    I forget how comforting it is to know that you are not the only one going through certain things. Reading your posts feels as if I am saying exactly what I have been experiencing for the past few months. Like you Pablo my symptoms started Oct. 2004. I noticed slightly enlarged lymp nodes on the back of my neck which was accompanied by a very uncomfortable stiffness in my neck. I took regular OTC pain meds for about a week or two to see if the problem would just go away but of course it did not. I scheduled my first doctor's appt Nov. 12 (a fill-in for my physician) and of course all he did was touch my neck and examine the lymp nodes and said I was fine and sent me home with a prescription. Eventually I stop taking the meds because it was not alleviating my problem and was actually causing worse symptoms like accelerated heart rate and dizziness. My second doctor's appt was on Nov. 26 with my normal physician and she did some minor blood tests and took urine samples but still nothing, sent me home with anti-inflammatory meds and pain pills and a follow-up in 4 wks. Dec. 26 my follow-up appt. still excruciating pain in my neck, the pain meds 800 mil ibprofen did not even give me any relief when I took them neither did the anti-inflammatory meds. I let my doctor know this and all she did was give me something stronger to take along with a sleep aid because at this point I have not had a decent night sleep in over two months.

    About 2 1/2 weeks ago again like Pablo I had a heavy night drinking and the next day (Friday) I woke up to a terrible headache. I too attributed it to a hangover so my punishment was to suffer through it for the day. However I could barely sleep that following night because the pain in my head was so intense that my vision was blurring and it felt like someone was stepping on the back of my head. I ended up in the emergency room that Saturday morning which all they wanted to do was give me a pain shot and send me home. I broke down because I was tired, tired from not sleeping and tired from being in constant pain so they decided to do a CT scan. The test results were negative and I guess I should be able to find some relief in knowing that but not when the pain is still so intense. I went home from the ER with some more pain meds, Loritabs, which help me get a little rest that afternoon. No pain Saturday night still feeling a little better from the Loritab pill they gave me earlier. Wee hours Sunday morning and all day were miserable same unbearable pain in my head, mind you I still have the pain in my neck but I guess we begin to prioritize the pain we feel by the importance of the organ. The pain in my neck didn't feel so bad after all when compared to the pain in my head. I ended up back in the ER on Monday morning wee hours complaining of the same symptoms as Saturday, headaches. They did some more blood work and the results were negative, gave me a pain shot and sent me home.

    I called my doctor that Wednesday and demanded that she make me an appt. with the Neurologist. Jan 14 my appt. with the Neurologist, okay finally I thought I would begin to get some answers, NOT. I know that doctors have their procedures for diagnosing certain illnesses but I just don't understand how they can look at me and from what I tell them assess nothing is wrong. He felt my enlarged lymp nodes which by the way have not gone away and also did a few nerve tests and that was all. I left he office with 2 new prescriptions and he also gave me an Imitrex shot because my head was hurting at the time of visit. Guys I have a Victoria Secrets bag full of Meds and presriptions that I am reluctant to fill. He scheduled me for a nerve study the following week b/c of some low reactive nerve tissue in my left arm. Jan. 19 nerve study follow up visit, EEG was done and it was normal. BTW I fail to mention my few visits with a PT and Chiropractic too.

    I say all this to say that I am at my wits end I don't know what to do. People on these boards tend to say go to your doctor and have this test and have that test. Since my problem started in late October I have been to various doctors a dozen times. I have had a CT, X-rays, blood work, nerve study, PT, and no one can tell me anything. I have taken close to 20 different meds in this short period of time and have not found any kind of temporary relief from any of it. Happy to report that as of Jan 20 I have not really been experiencing the headaches but am still very sensitive to them when exposed to bright light or loud noise I can feel a faint pain still there. Without the headaches my focal point is now back on the pain in my neck which very intense at night thus my reason for typing such a long long post at 4, 5 am in morning.

    I have not had a full night sleep in over 3 months and when I do fall to sleep it's the same ritual every night, I awake to severe neck stiffness in the 3 o clock hour. I have to read of watch television until I dose back off. This has affected my everyday life because I have little energy during the day to take care of normal activities. The constant worry is not good either and has had a very negative affect on my mental state of being where all I want to do is seclude myself most of the time. I am not a hyperchondriac, although my doctor tried to allude to it the last visit I had with her. I am not crazy I would not put myself in imaginary pain. I have since stop taking any and all meds and will not take any in the future until they can tell me something. I'm going to start a natural healing process and begin taking vitamins to boost my energy and mental state. It's like a taboo, you don't want something to be wrong and happy that the doctors can not find anything but at the same time you want them to give you some explanation for what you are going through. I could live with them not giving me a diagnosis if the pain wasn't still so intense as in the beginning when it started 3 months ago. Please anyone who can offer a word of advice or any suggestions I am very much open.

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    worrywort HB Userworrywort HB Userworrywort HB User
    Re: brain tumor? please help!!!

    Hi to forever and the rest of you! I don't know what is going on with me but I am freakin sick to death of it!!! I am 26 and I feel 50. I am always in pain and I have been for about 8 months on and off but lately more on than off, I never ever got headaches!!!!! all of the sudden I get them and they hit hard when they do come! My docs blame my panic disorder! how easy it is to blame that.... I make up my pain huh? I admit to having a panic disorder and I unwent therapy and took meds, I have not had an attack in almost a year, I can asure you that what I feel is not related to my panic because after dealing with that for 5 years I would know. I feel pain in my back and upper back,shoulders and dizzy a lot, it will come out of the blue, I was laying on the bed paying bills and all of the sudden my vision got blurry and I felt as if I was spinning(like being drunk). I was laying down the whole time, since this insodent it comes a lot. I am in college and major in human services and while in class I began to get very dizzy and almost felt like I was going to black out!!!! I left class and went home and the drive home was scary, I thought I was going to crash so I called my mom and talked to her to make sure I was going to be alright to drive. I have gone to the docs and they go "here is some vicodine" "here are some dizzy pills" "here are some anti inflamitory pills" By the way I will not take the bextra, It causes other complications. I have gone to a chiropractor. What is wrong with me!!!!!!!!! I feel your guys pain and forever I almost cried reading your post, hang in there. thank you for lettting me get this off my chest for everyone around me thinks I am nuts. My mom has RA and always in pain you would think she would help me out but no she blames "THE PANIC DISORDER" I will admit though that the feeling I do feel and all of the pain has been causing stress and bringing my panic back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless you all

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