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  • Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

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    Question Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

    Okay I'm 24 on the December 14th I started feeling slight lightheadedness and didnít think much of it, I was even working out that week. ( I've working out with a person trainer since late October)Come December 21st a week later my lightheadedness was bothering me so I went back on my High Blood Pressure medication which I stopped taking late October.( Lisinopril and Hydrochlorothiazide.) The lightheadedness seemed to start when Iím moving around.
    I started feeling nauseous that week and had trouble keeping my food down due to the lightheadedness. On December 24th I walking back from the front office of my apartment and my heart started beating fast and I started sweating and got really dizzy and throw up. So I went to the hospital they did blood test, an EKG and a urine test all came back fine and my blood pressure was also okay. So they diagnosed me with palpitations and gave me something for my nausea.
    The next few days I was still feeling lightheadedness and nauseous, so on the December 26th I went back to the hospital because I was feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. So they did a blood test, an EKG and an X-ray of my chest. All came back fine. So they diagnosed me with anxiety and gave me 10 tablets of Ativan 1mg.
    The whole next week the pills made me feel odd. (The label said take every 8 hours. And thatís what did starting Saturday the 28th to 29th.) I went to see my primary doctor and I told her that everything thatís happened and she told me that Iím in perfect health and that itís all to do with my anxiety and that I should only take the Ativan ĎAs Neededí and that I should take it in portions. And she gave me some pills for my acid reflex. That day I was alright, my appetite was coming back (though I was eating little by little), but I was still feeling lightheaded. I took half an Ativan that night and I was out. The next day New Years Eve, I was still very tired. So I slept half of the day. The next 3 days I was still feeling so-so and I still had lightheadedness and itís making feel nauseous. On Friday the 2th I had a small Anxiety attack and felt sick after the rest of the day. On Saturday I didnít get much sleep cause my roommate and his friends were hanging out that night. So I only got 4 hours of sleep. And I felt sick that Sunday and didnít eat anything because I got little sleep. That night I bent down to pickup something off the floor and I just got dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out so after that I was vomiting. The next few days I was feeling alright but again still had the lightheadedness.
    Finally yesterday my next appointment with my doctor I told her everything again and she says that my lightheadedness was due to my High Blood Pressure medication and that it was giving me Low Blood Pressure. I told her I THOUGHT was having little vision problem. And because I said that that's when she said I should have an MRI for a brain tumor. She really believes itís not a brain tumor and that I should wait and see how the low doses in my medication works. But do to liability reasons she want me to get it checked out and in my anxious state of mind I want to make sure too. She performed a little eye exam on me with her figure and said I passed and that if I had a brain tumor I wouldnít be able to. She really, really urged me to take something for my anxiety so she prescribed me with Citalopram or ďCelexaĒ and she still ordered the MRI.
    So many things are running through my head itís hard to concentrate. I don't know what to think.

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    Re: Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

    You probally do not have a brain tumor. It is amazing how anxiety and stress will make a person have alot of physical symptoms. I think once you have the mri and everything comes back good . You will feel alot better. The celexa will help with the anxiety but you have to give that time to kick in and start to work [ about 2-3 weeks]. Good luck.

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    Re: Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

    Anxiety will make you think you have everything under the sun. Work with your doctor on ruling out the major stuff you're worried about. Then the next step is the hardest...believe them. Then work on your anxiety but as previous poster said it does take a few weeks for things to work and you might feel worse during the initial phase.

    Once you get the anxiety under control you'll have a much clamer focus on your health and can better see things for what they are and take appropriate actions.

    Yup...I've had a few EKGs

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    Re: Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

    Ahhh, the infamous "i have a brain tumor" anxiety symptom. Been there done that! What surprises me is that your doctor, fully aware about your anxiety, would even mention the word brain tumor to you. Instead of making you go see a ophthalmologist to get a REAL thorough eye examination about your vision problems,( which could be causing the vomiting) they send you off for a mri for a brain tumor first, when in fact eye doctors can usually tell right away by looking into the eye with their light tool if there is a tumor behind your eye. The only troubling symptom i would be concerned about is the vomiting, but if you are suffering from vertigo, or just worrying yourself sick that can explain that.

    I too once i thought i had a brain tumor and or aneurysm. Had sharp head pain that would come and go for days. Finally decided to go to the hospital. After some scans and tests, it turned out to be nothing, thats right absolutely NOTHING. Yea i felt cool going to the hospital for nothing. Amazing too how those symptoms went away the very next day of finding out it was nothing, right?

    Just watch out cause this can get progressively worse. It moves on to "heart troubles" soon after and or blood pressure problems. I already been to a cardiologist, so i'm running out of sicknesses caused by my anxiety. My health anxiety has gotten so much worse.
    Good luck with everything!

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    Re: Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

    I am fairly young and experienced the same problems in the begining of this past September. I was lightheaded and felt a little off, not dizzy but lightheaded. Had some nausea too. It's crazy what anxiety and panic attacks can do to you. The minute I felt this way I started thinking the worse and starting my heart a pumping, and WHAM, onset of PANIC ATTACK. Long story short, ended up in the ER twice. First time had blood test and light in the eye pupil or whatever , urinalysis and all came back normal. Went to primary care doc and had a chest x-ray and normal, so he said sounds like panic attacks/anxiety. Gave me a script for Xanax and Lexapro. He said try to Xanax first. So a week later I started feeling the lightheadedness, started thinking the worse and took a Xanax and low and behold 30 min later I was cured. MY PROBLEM was that I did not stay on the meds. About a week later went back to another ER. Told them to story so they gave me a head CT and it was completely normal. Went back to my primary care and he said it is PANIC ATTACKS. A good sign that it is anxiety was when you took the anxiety pill your symptoms would disappear.

    This sounds like anxiety issues. Also it could be your eyes, and the fact that you stopped taking your blood pressure pills. Yes all those test will make you feel better, but brain tumor symptoms seem to be a little different. You can research those symptoms yourself. A number of things could cause what your going through. Oh yeah I forgot to add, I had my heart tested also. Wore a holter monitor for 24 hours and also had an EKG, Heart Ultrasound and all NORMAL. If the test make you feel better go and have them. But try staying on medication and see if that helps!

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    Re: Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

    You know, I've been dealing with anxiety for about 10 years, I'm 30 now. I've seen physical manifestations all over the board. My first symptom also was lightheadedness, not really dizzy, but lightheaded. I went to my GP and we did tests, everything came back normal of course. But since, in the past years, I've had physical symptoms like pounding, racing heart, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, shaking, tremor and more. But you have to realize that they are only symptoms of anxiety and not a physical disease.

    It's hard to get past the symptoms because its something that you can feel. You have to live with it and try to go to work with it etc. and it can be hard. That's why we tend to think the worst. Of course its the way our minds run off with themselves thinking the worst, expecting disaster. Medications can help, but to be honest, its the way we react to it that counts.

    I would never try to tell someone how to behave or react, because everybody is very different and has to control themselves in their own way, but...if you can recognise your sympoms as anxiety and not a heart attack, or brain tumor, or MS or cancer...and talk yourself through it (such as saying to yourself: Ok, I'm light headed and a bit shaky, it just anxiety, I'm going for a walk), you can curb it before it starts.

    A combination of the Meds, and the physical excercise and of course, thinking positively, will go a long long way to heloing you live with anxiety.

    I've had it for all these years and I'm still here, you'll be fine too.

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    Re: Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?

    I completely agree about the exercise. You can research this and it is also something my therapist told me. Anxiety and being exhausted can not physically exist together. So that means if you are tired from running, walking, or working out- YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANXIETY. It makes sense! They can not physically/chemically act together so start being more active.

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