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NY 1009 03-30-2009 07:45 AM

Fibro and thyroid related to low PH balance?
I have fibromyalgia, degerative joint disease better known as "osteoarthritis" in my spine, hip, hands, feet, and is spreading like wild fire the past few months. I suffer just about every day with chronic pain in my most of my body parts, which has effected the quality of my life to the point I had to go on disability because it also effected my emotional well being which I've suffered through most of my life. I went through 15 jobs within 10 yrs.
I finally threw in the towel and went on disability. I tried not to for all those years and felt like I'd failed myself by finally giving up.
I also have osteoporosis, was dx'd with vitamin D-deficiency, have had odd bouts of abdominal pain that sent me to the ER, malabsorption, low blood sugar, chronic ovarian cysts, and adenomyosis. I finally had a total hysterectomy in 2005 and I'm now on HRT patches.
My companion of 8 yrs has always been telling me about a scientist, biologist named "Dr. Robert O. Young" and how he has spent 27 yrs investigating the impact of foods and liquids on the delicate PH balance of the blood plasma and the blood cells.
he's widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world.
throughout his career his research has been focused at the cellular level of our bodies.
Having a specialty in cellular nutrion, Dr. young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of "disease" which he developed "THE NEW BIOLOGY" to help people balance their lives.
most western medicine is not based on these theories and are not taught this in med schools.
I was very skeptical and still am about vitamins because of the fact the FDA doesn't have to check them. so I was skeptical of this Dr. Young that my companion lives by.
with all my illnessess getting worst, I decided to give it a try. I figured it couldn't hurt. I started a lifestyle that Dr. Young and his wife Shelly have studied and published in multiple books, and one of them has pages of recipes and healthy drinks and an explanation of his work and how our bodies are effected by what we put into them.
our bodies when healthy basically can heal themselves I believe.
BUT, if our PH levels are too low, it allows disease to set in to all our tissues, cells and body.
It's hard for me to explain all of this to you, but all I know is that it worked for me.
I started eliminating beef, to chicken and from chicken to fish, from fish to soy and then eliminated carbs, my sweets and junk food, drank copious amounts of healthy clean water, no soft drinks or sweetened juices, included greens, greens and more greens, eliminated milk products, because they werre the culprit of my bloated grumbly stomach anyway.
I have to say it's one of the hardest things I've done for myself, but all for the good, and without even TRYING to lose weight, it just melted off.
I became TOO thin. there is no way possible to be able to eat the amount of greens and vegetables the body needs so instead drink a powder mixture that Dr. Young has created which has multiple nutrients of greens and fruits in it.
I also drink a solution that he's made that's called "PHSalts" that has sodicum bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate,potassium, and calcium bicarbonate.
I mix it in my coffee, you can brush your teeth with it, you drink it, and it maintains all the fluids and cells of our body.
Over acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of ALL disease.

look at all the plastics in our enviroment and all the chemicals, etc.
no wonder breast cancer is on the rise and especially in our younger woman.
a breast specialtist I met with the other day told me that just becasue both of my sisters have had breast cancer that I'm at risk, but because we're just WOMAN is a risk. she told me every single woman is at risk and they have no idea why. I don't know about you, but this is very scary to me.

she feels it's caused by eviromental and the foods we eat. I agree with out a doubt. especially since i"ve been following up on all the montly journals and research articles that Dr.Young writes.
I trust him because he's a scientist who does research on why disease happens. he's found the answer and he's going to Washington about it and he's even had articles written in medical journals. now it's just getting doctors to get away from main stream way of learning in their med schools.
they really just treat disease, they dont' actually try to find an end to it. do they?

I have to say alot more people in the world are doing their own research instead of just believing what their doctors tell them as if they were God. My mother would never ask her dr. questions, she'd just take the pills he'd write out for her to take and that was it!

anyway, I just felt the need to at least be able to spread the word of this New biology way of life since it couldn't hurt me being the way my body is already on the last stages of god knows what.

Dr. Young explains the PH balance as to say our body temperature. like how it must be maintained at 98.6 and our blood is ideally maintained at 7.365

different areas of the body have different specific PH requirements, but the blood needs to stay within a very tight range. So called disease and diseases are almost always the result of too much acid stressing the body's PH balance to the point where it provokes the body into the symptoms we increasingly call "disease". Our body can NOT tolerate extended acid imbalances. Acididty reveals itself in our bodies in seven stages:
1) Loss of energy
2) sensitivty & irritation ( as in irritable bowel syndrom)
3) mucus and congestion
4) inflammation
5) hardening of the soft tissues, like (lupus, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, hardening of the arteries, plaque)
6) ulceration and finally
7) degeneration (cancer, heart disease, stroke, AIDS, MS, and diabetes)

so it goes through stages. I see it with my own eyes with my own body and live it on a daily basis. If i can help others and tell others about this fantastic news, I'm going to share it.

In the early stages of the imbalance, the symptoms may not be very intense and include such things as skin problems, headaches, colds, allergies, flu like symptoms and sinus problems. AS things get further out of whack, more serious situations start to happen.
Weakened organs and systems start to give way, resulting in dysfunctional thyroid glands, liver, adrenal glands and so on. If tissue PH deviates too far to the acid side, oxygen levels start to decrease and cellular metabolism will STOP.
In other words, cells die. We die.
So a declining PH just cannot be allowed. To prevent it, when faced with a lot of incoming acid from diet and poor lifestyle choices, the blood begins to pull alkaline minerals from out of our tissues and bones (osteoporosis) to compensate. ( our body begins to cannabalize itself) it has no where else to get it from, so it takes it from where it's stored)
that's why I drink the PHSalts, because this is a family of base minerals. they neutralize and detoxify these strong acids that are stored in our tissues and blood.
remember what I said is in it? sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
I drink these a few times through out the day.
I've noticed a significant difference in my body and especially mind.
when I'm lax on taking it, I really see the difference and my old pains and brain fog come back.
A healthy body maintains a reserve of these alkaline minerals to meet emergency demands. but if there are insufficeint amounts in our diet or reserves, it can lead to deficiences and then symptoms arise.

If the acid over load gets too great for the blood to balance, excess acid is dumped into the tissues for storage, then the lymphatic system must nutralize what it can. then acid builds up in the connective tissue which causes inflammation sets the body up for disease.

when acid wastes build up in the body and enter our bloodstream, the circulatory system will try to get rid of themn in gas or liquid form through the lungs or the kidneys. if there is too much waste to handle, they are deposited in various organ systems, including the heart, pancreas, liver and colon, or stored in fatty tissues including the breasts, hips, thighs, belly and brain. we know these deposits by names, such as " polyps, cysts, acid crystals, tumors, growths, masses, moles, etc.

this process of acid waste breakdown could also be called "the aging process" ultimately, it will lead ( in the seventh of the 7 stages of acidity) I described above) to degenerative disease, including cancers.

So this is basically the scoop of over acidity and what it can cause such as "disease".
so eating healthy foods, light exercise, 15 min. of sunshine a day without sun screen, and maintaining a positive out look on life is a great thing to give to our bodies.
Oh, he's written numerous books if anyone is interested in learning more about what we can do to erradicate our fibromyalgia and other diseases we have. He wrote: "Sick and tired", Back to the house of health", The PH Miracle", The PH miracle of Diabetes", The PH Miracle for Weight loss", and Back to the house of health 2".
They are extremely informative and the one I own has recipes in it. His wife Shelly wrote it. she also does research too.

You would never believe their ages and how good and healthy they look. they used to eat an unhealthy diet too at one time. so they say to do it slowly. this way your more apt to stick to it.

Good Luck to all fellow fibro suffers,
Hope I was able to help someone.


Glojer 03-30-2009 10:02 AM

Re: Fibro and thyroid related to low PH balance?
lintek, thanks for your efforts here. That is a lot of info, learning new things that may help is what it is all about. Thanks Again.


djl 03-30-2009 10:22 AM

Re: Fibro and thyroid related to low PH balance?
Hi linteck,

You and I are very much alike. I had a hyst everything removed but cervix in May 2005 due to Adenomyosis and ovarian cysts, also on HRT also have DDD (ostio) had Fusion 2 years ago c5 to c6 c6 to c7 alos Vit. D Def.
Then of coarse the FIBRO. Going through a flare right now.

Yet, they have not found a Thyroid issue with me.

NY 1009 04-01-2009 06:49 AM

Re: Fibro and thyroid related to low PH balance?
thanks Glojer and dj for your replies.

at least someone was interested in reading my thoughts. LOL

dj, I don't have a thyroid condition either. I've been tested for it in the past, but from what I've been reading on other posts, sometimes it takes even years before something shows up, just because it showed up negative one year, it might show up at a later time.
for instance, a woman was tested for rheumatoid arthrtitis but it kept coming up negative and with repeat testing, months or even a year later, it finally showed up. she was feeling the symptoms of it, but I guess it was in the early stages of it actually showing up in the blood.

I finally called my rheumy dr. yesterday and begged her to help me with my pain. out of the clear blue sky last week, the big joint nearest the hand on my pointer finger swelled. the pain runs into the finger so it's difficult for me to do alot of things because I'm right handed. the base of the thumb on my left hand is also effected. so I was shocked to see it went over to the right hand and so quickly. I dont' know if stress is a factor because of things going on in my house hold where I'm living. It seems to become activated when I'm stressed. I don't know if degenerative joint disease is activated like that/

she ran some more blood work and is beginning to feel that I might have a different form of arthritis and sent me to have an xray performed of the right hand. she gave me a script for percocet and I took it as soon as I got home and before I knew it, I was almost pain free.
it was like a miracle. I was finally able to clean my house. yikes! I felt so guilty that I hadn't been able to vacume and dust and wash the floors every few days like I normally do. it felt SOOOOO good to walk into freshly, cleaned rooms.
now I'm just waiting to hear back from her about the blood work and we'll go from there.
otherwise i don't know what else to do other than using the next step to do the new biology plan 100%. it takes effort to follow it and I don't really want to give up my coffee and sweets just yet. LOL
these are two vices that I absolutely LOVE with a passion.

but I guess one will do just about anything to be able to feel better rather than suffer on a daily basis with chronic pain and not be able to get a solid nights sleep for many years due to it.

thank you again


janewhite1 04-01-2009 07:20 PM

Re: Fibro and thyroid related to low PH balance?
The blood is a natural buffer solution. The only time it gets out of pH balance is as a result of a very serious disease process, such as uncontrolled diabetes.

djl 04-02-2009 09:15 AM

Re: Fibro and thyroid related to low PH balance?
lets us know what your reults are !!!

oh, btw..I can't give up coffee either !!

Fell better

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