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dion413413 06-02-2009 11:42 AM

My Dad just diagnosed with a Stage 4 astrocytoma
I just want to feel there is hope the doctor seems to be very depressed sounding, it just all comes as a shock to me...It was only 2 weeks ago we would go on runs together, work out together, pretty much just a happy family. Then on saturday morning he was complaining of a headache (which my dad never gets) and he couldn't tie his shoes so we brought him to the ER. My dad is 52 yrs old and they first believed he had a stroke, until they found masses on a CT scan so he recieved an MRI. by saturday night he had lost all movement in his left arm and limited movement in his left leg. On sunday he was bed bound and moving really slow and no movement at all on his left side. It seemed to come on very suddenly, on monday he had surgery to remove the larger of the tumors but there is another one still in the middle of his brain where they said they will be unable to operate. 2 weeks later and in a rehab center my dad has made amazing strides and has regained nearly all movement and strength back he is acting very much liek himself, but there are those times when we are eating together and he knocks a cup on the ground or walk in a random direction and apears to be lost. Its very scary he had a seizure in the rehab center but they said he could come home today. I just dont know what to expect because it seems he is getting better but teh doctor told us it was a Stage 4 and gave us the life expantancy.... I dont want to lose my dad he means everything to me, has anyone ever gone through this or know what can be done?

Mildred1260 06-13-2009 04:34 PM

Re: My Dad just diagnosed with a Stage 4 astrocytoma
I wish your dad the best. It ain't over til is over.
Count everyday with him as a blessing.....(hugs):angel:

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