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NancyTK 09-10-2009 08:12 AM

What tests are run during treatment of SCLC

My mom was diagonosed with SCLC (she was a smoker for 45 years) in April 2009. In May, a tangerine-sized tumor was removed from her brain, and she began receiving cranial radation in conjunction to chemo.

During the time my mom was hospitalized, the doc said there were mets in her brain (taken care of with surgery and radiation), liver, spleen, and adrenal glands. Her prognosis was not good (the doc said "best case" was a year), and I think she's slipping a little, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for (or at).

She has been receiving chemo every three weeks since June, and has had numerous blood tests (as well as an additional MRI). Has anyone had experience with this? I wish someone could tell me WHAT the doctors are testing for (and what typically happens during the battle with lung cancer). I can't get a straight answer from my dad (he's still in denial), and I need help understanding what's happening to my mom. She's trying to protect me, and has asked me not to go to the hospital when she'd receiving treatment.

I would appreciate any help or information anyone could offer.



Moldova 09-10-2009 08:29 PM

Re: What tests are run during treatment of SCLC
Dear Nancy, I am crying reading your post. This must be so hard on you, dear girl...
My father in law had lung cancer and had radiation and chemo same time plus he had half of his lung removed. They do tests on your mother to check if any new lesions appear on bones, liver, brain, etc. And they also checking how the present once shrink and how fast. this is very important because if the tumors don't shrink they have to adjust her medication. This all is good, it means she is in good hands now as a mother I can tell you she prays that you and dad don't get very upset or at least not to show her that.
Sweetie, I have plenty health issues and now i was also Dx with 2cm mass on my lung. I came home yesterday and still did not tell my kids especially my daughter: they love me so much and worry too much. My heart bleeds thinking how upsetting these news will be to them and hesitate to talk about it.
No physical pain can be compared to the pain which mother feels when her kids worry sick about her.
Stay strong; i know this is easy to say than do, but try to do it for her.

Best wishes, Moldova:angel:

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