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Please help I have my eeg report and I am confused

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Old 01-31-2010, 08:21 PM   #1
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Please help I have my eeg report and I am confused

Let me begin this by saying before April, the thought of a seizure had never entered my mind. Then on that day I had a bad full blown seizure at work. I dislocated my shoulder and destroyed my hip joint in the process but I have no memory of it and the days following are pretty fuzzy due to alot of meds and surgery to rebuild my hip. I have mixed connective tissue disease which has its own problems. My sister has a connective tissue disease as well. She was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was young, then later they said she no longer had it. Now she started having them again a couple of years ago. Then I had my "episode" I tend to call it. They did an eeg at the hospital and I will be posting the results that are kind of confusing since I have not been referred to a neurologist. Maybe I am reading more into it than it is. I was told my report was "relatively benign" when I had my follow up with my rheum. but he had not actually seen the report and didnt for many months following. I just got a copy of it in my insurance forms and it doesnt sound all that benign to me. Then maybe I am just overreacting. Please look at this and tell me if this sounds like anything you have seen before or if it sounds like they are saying what I think they are saying. I also want to add that I am still having strange episodes...not like the one I had that day..NOTHING remotely that bad. I just have a real hard time when I am driving. I was having this before that day..A LOT...Not just to work but even coming home. I would literally have to fight to keep from fading out, that is the only way I can describe it. The only thing that would help is me rubbing my hand up and down my arm or face... If I stopped, I would start fading out again and literally fighting to control my eyes. I would get so dizzy too. I knew I had been having trouble sleeping and I knew it was making it worse for sure, but even when I slept I still had this problem every single day. I am still having it, but really limit my driving. I tend to have this when I try to read a book or when I am on the computer. I have given up on reading a book. It is just too hard for me now. I have to reread the pages over and over because I cant absorb what it says and then after only a few pages I give up because I am fading out again. Please let me know if you have a clue what this means. The only thing I can add is all of my childhood I had problems with passing out. I even had to drop out of violin because we had to stand and i would get so dizzy, sick and pass out. I passed out in choir a few times too. I had thought this to be because maybe I locked my knees and this could still just be the reason. I say that because it is nothing like what I have been dealing with for the last year. I am hoping someone can clarify some of this for me.


Abnormal EEG due to paroxysmal high voltage delta activity which is bi synchronous and rhythmic but not associated with a spike component. This pattern is suggestive of a tendency toward seizures. The seizure type cannot be determined by this recording alone. Should the clinical need for further characterization of this tendency toward seizures be benificial then a period of EMU evaluation may be helpful to actually define seizure type. Clinical and imaging correlations are indicated.

I left off the findings section to keep this brief. I feel that this feeling I am getting of fading out was definately increasing prior to my seizure and I am still experiencing them several times a week. They are common when I am on my laptop or driving. It have no control and it makes me very very sleepy. When they are happening over and over, I just want to take a nap after. It is very much like when you are driving after being up for days or all night but I haven't been. I just feel like I have. Does this all sound crazy?

I really hope you can shed some light on this for me. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. I really miss reading books. That use to be one of my favorite things to do, but I just cant do it anymore. I cant concentrate and it is just exhausting fighting off the episode.

Thank you,


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Re: Please help I have my eeg report and I am confused

Estevens: Your case is complicated for sure. How old are you? Are you on any seizure meds? If so, what are they? Have you had an MRI? That could show more information than an EEG. If you have one make sure they don't inject die into you. It's toxic. It's used for enhancing the images in the brain but it's not good for you.

Keep track of when these are happening on a calendar. See if they are happening before, during and after your period. See if they're happening around the full moon.

A couple of suggestions: Go see a more natural doctor and ask him to have a hair test done where they send a hair sample off to a lab and examine it for toxic and non-toxic elements. You could be low in stuff like magnesium and selenium.

See if you can have your neurotransmitters tested by a urine test. There's a long list of them and this could be useful in seeing if some of them are too high or too low. I found out that I was low in Taurine and something called Beta PEA. They are neurotransmitters responsible for brain function. You could be lacking in vitamins like B6,
B12 and more. Get your blood sugar tested. Sometimes a low blood sugar can make you dizzy. Have your adrenal glands tested too.

Be careful with the driving. I crashed my car in 2008 because I had a seizure while driving and now I'm off the road. The only reason I believe I lived was because my body was in a relaxed state and I didn't panic because I didn't know what was going on.

Do you drink alot of diet sodas? If so, the aspartame in them reduces the Taurine in you.

The other thing is hormones. If possible, see if you can get a neuro-endocrinologist to test your hormones. I found out that I'm estrogen dominant and the excess estrogen on the brain is what's causing the seizures. They're not controlled by meds. I'm currently on a Lupron shot and high doses of progesterone to see if I can get the estrogen in my body lowered.

I just answered another man on here the other day who was wondering about environmental effects. Look it up and see what I wrote so I don't have to type it all over again.

These things can also be triggered by lack of sleep and stress. Alot of time they start at either puberty or menopause with the hormonal changes going on in the body.

A neurologist is only going to prescribe meds for you. They may also recommend a vagus nerve stimulator which is like a pace maker except it works on stimulating the nerves to keep the seizures from happening. Depending on the tests done they also might suggest brain surgery. An MRI will tell if you've got any scars, tissue damage or tumors in the brain.

Computers, phones, ipods, all these electronics emit EMF's. They're not good for you.
I can't read much anymore either. I've got the same concentration situation going on.
I can't remember alot these days either. My problems are because of menopause.

Do some research on the computer about this. You'll be surprised what you find and how common this is. Please use caution on the road until you find out what's wrong. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Keep in touch.

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ErinS64 HB User
Re: Please help I have my eeg report and I am confused

I am 45 and had a hysterectomy. I got to keep my ovaries but the chemo for my lupus took care of those so I take estrogen. I am under 2 doctors care already and my blood is heavily tested so if it was a metobolic problem they would have seen that. The seizures could easily be caused by my autoimmune disease. It has been dominated by CNS problems from the onset. I just wonder if this would come up on a eeg like that or if it is specific for epilepsy. They have been spending so much time worrying about my autoimmune problem which I will be honest, has been really bad that the possibility of epilepsy has not really even been explored. I just really dont know much about it. I remember that my rheum has remarked on several occasions that my eyes shake when I look from side to side.

I guess I was just looking for someone who was use to seeing eeg results. This was the first time I have seen my results. I know I had one before when I had meningitis but never saw the results. I assume it was normal. This one evidently was not.

I mainly just wanted to know if this result indicated that i should be asking more questions. I am just afraid of driving. I have been for a while now even before the bad seizure due to my episodes I had been having for a while before and since it happened. It is like trying to drive at night after being up all night and your eyes are trying to close no matter how hard you fight to stay awake. I wouldnt even be tired but that is what I was dealing with and still do pretty regularly.

Regarding the holistic approach, I appreciate some people going that route but I have way too many other serious medical problems to take herbs or anything not strictly controlled by my doctors.

Thank you for you quick reply. I appreciate it.

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