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AutumnRose92 04-19-2012 02:19 AM

Really worried... does this sound like a brain tumour?
Ok, so I have never posted on any of these forums before, and I am a little lost as to what to say. In short, I don't want to sound like a massive hypochondriac, I know 'brain tumour fears' are quite common but I feel like I have more than a few 'symptoms' of a brain tumour. It would be most appreciated if I could have your thoughts.

I have been experiencing headaches in some form or another for the last 5 years (I know it is a long time!). Initially I was experiencing 'sharp' stabbing pains that lasted anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. I would get them most days- sometimes once or twice- sometimes 100 times (that probably isn't an exaggeration). Recently (the past 3 months ish) I have been having more frequent headaches- pretty much everyday, sometimes what I would describe as tension headaches- either at the front of my head, or the back. I have also been getting more severe pain (usually unilateral on the left side of my head). I find my headpains are worsened by 'shaking' my head- I appreciate how stupid that sounds. Moving hurts my head too- not everytime I move but sometimes when I walk around, in fact the other week I found I was getting pain in the front of my head with every footstep I took. I have also developed 'tender spots' on my head- they are my head as oppose to my scalp as I have to apply pressure to them rather than just touch them for them to hurt. I have little success in relieving the pain with pain killers.

I have been finding I am experiencing nausea, I can't seem to relate it to anything specific, I have never vomitted. It isn't necessarily at the same time as the headaches either, it occurs maybe every few days. It isn't severe, just noticeable.

[B]Numbness, tingling, twitching[/B]
I have had tingling and numbness in my facial region, this is the least frequent symptom, but occassionally my cheek feels numb, and sometimes my tongue tingles (although this hasn't happened in a few weeks). My eyelid twitches sometimes also.

I went to see a doctor about 5 weeks ago and told them I had headaches, nausea and slight dizziness- they took my temperature and blood pressure and told me that I there was nothing obvious wrong and I would probably be fine.

I then saw another doctor about 3 weeks ago who suggested muscular tension or dehydration. But I am worried and less than convinced by either diagnosis.

I apologise for the quite lengthy post, but anyones experience/ thoughts would be more than appreciated as I am getting worried now.

Thank-you! :)

msnova74 04-19-2012 09:05 AM

Re: Really worried... does this sound like a brain tumour?
A couple of thoughts.

I would ask for an MRI. For a couple of reasons Pseudo tumor cerebri being the one that comes to mind

I would as for a nutritional panel. There are many vitamin deficiencies that can cause symptoms. B12, D3 being two that come to mind

I would ask for a rheumatological panel. I know that I used to get alot of icepick headaches.

If you feel that something is amiss then persue it.

AutumnRose92 04-19-2012 10:31 AM

Re: Really worried... does this sound like a brain tumour?
Thank-you for your thoughts- they are appreciated. I have read about Pseudotumor Cerebri and know that the symptoms are very similar to those of a brain tumour and I did wonder whether it could be a possible cause of my symptoms given how long I have been having symptoms for. (Given that I have been having various symptoms for over 5 years- even though they are worse recently- my thinking is that something more severe would have happened if I had a brain tumour?).

May I just ask- you say you had a lot of ice pick headaches, was an underlying cause for them found? And did you find any kind of relief for them?
They are my 'main' symptom as such- I have been having them for a number of years now.

Thanks very much for your help.

rosequartz 04-19-2012 10:42 AM

Re: Really worried... does this sound like a brain tumour?
i would try a could be something as simple as a pinched nerve

AutumnRose92 04-19-2012 10:54 AM

Re: Really worried... does this sound like a brain tumour?
Thank-you Rosequartz for you idea.
Do you really think a pinched nerve could be responsible for so many symptoms?

rosequartz 04-19-2012 11:15 AM

Re: Really worried... does this sound like a brain tumour?
definately....a pinched nerve can cause headaches, numbness and tingling....

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