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UveGotMel 11-18-2014 07:41 PM

next step after MRI shows mass?

Today I had the bright idea to pick up my brain MRI results from the imaging location rather than wait for my doctor to call me with them. It reports I have an 8mm mass 'statistically related to a meningioma'. I am obviously freaking out from this news and not being able to talk to anyone about what to do next. Will my doctor set me up with the next step? Do I see a neurologist? Do I get referred for brain surgery?

Bonus question: in anyone else's MRI experience, did the wording 'statistically related' prove true to what you were definitively diagnosed with? From what I am reading online, I would like to keep the hope that it is a meningioma alive versus something more fatal.


Thanks for any reassurance!

kanded 11-18-2014 10:20 PM

Re: next step after MRI shows mass?
I know you must be panicking right now, and I don't blame you. While I haven't had experience with a brain MRI, I have accompanied friends on ultrasounds and MRI's and the sonographers are not allowed to discuss any result with the patient. So after the person takes the images they are given to a radiologist who interprets them for the doctor, and the doctor can also look at the scans to see what they think. If it were me, I would want to see a nuerologist, just because they know more about brains and brain scans than anyone else, whereas your regular doctor may not know to interpret them correctly. Also radiologists have to interpret what they are seeing correctly. A nuerologist will most likely have seen this before, and will know whether this is something to truly be worried about. But in the case of 2 of my friends, 1 was told she had a tumor, turned out to be a harmless cyst that went away on its own over time, the other was told she was having a girl, and she had a boy. That is pretty hard to misinterpret one would think. So till the appt with your nuerologist, try to think of it this way:

You say its 8mm. Try to measure that out on a measuring tape: 8 mm = .8 cm
Its very difficult to measure that its so tiny. Now measure out a typical human brain which is 144mm= 14.4 cm. Now compare the two. Its not very big, and also according to most websites, most meningiomas are benign or harmless. So while this might not help much, try to remember that not everything extra found in the human body is a wrong thing, sometimes its just extra skin or extra tissue, that's all.
Best wishes, K.

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