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Nichole777 12-27-2016 10:24 AM

Head injury?
Okay so Monday at about 2am I hit my forehead pretty hard with the palm of my hand, I started having head pain afterwards and also pain in the back of my head, I went to sleep and then woke up and decided to go to the ER and have a CT scan done, everything came back fine there was nothing wrong with my head. But, I'm still having head pain that comes and goes (in the back of my head and my forehead and right above my eyebrows, it's not a bad pain but it's noticeable, my eyes also occasionally hurt but it's not that painful. Also, last night I started feeling cold sensation on the upper right side of my head which comes and goes as well, I looked it up and I guess that's usually a symptom of anxiety which is something that I struggle with daily, and I'm definitely a hypochondriac and freak out over a lot of things. I guess my question is, do you guys think I'm okay? I had a CT scan and they said I was fine, but I'm still a little scared...

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