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bmxfreakrider 11-26-2008 11:12 AM

Bad cut on leg, need advice.
Last sunday me and my dad went out dirtbike riding at the track, and i came up short on a landing, blew my rear shock, the left peg attacked my shin and pulled the skin back right below my knee, and suffered a concussion. my head and neck are better now, its my leg that I worry about.

Its got a nice peice of skin pulled back (i thought it was missing, but its pulled back) that measures about 2" wide, 1/2" across, and about 1/4" deep on the front of my shin. If at all possible, we are trying to stay away from the hospital because money is tight right now, is there any way I can get this fixed up at home? it currently just has some gauze tissue taped over it with a little neosporin on it, and been cleaned with hydrogen peroxide every 12 hours or so. Can it be patched up with some butterfly bandages, or do i need it professionally inspected?

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