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Darksoul 06-13-2009 06:07 AM

Question on possible brain damage

I've been pondering this for a while tonight (And the basic idea for several months) but roughly 1-2 years back I got into a fight, long story short I got punched in the head. Unfortuantly for me my head got slammed into the corner of the sidewalk and against a cars wheel rim. The area between the punch connecting and me getting up is a gray area and I can't really remember a damn thing about it.

Now that I've explained what happened what I would like to know is if its possible I have brain damage. I used to love music, I still listen to it but it is not what it was like before. After this happened I seemed to loose that feeling.

I've also noticed a lack of moods. I mean, I do get them but only if something extreme happens. This could be because of energy drinks and soda, but I'm unsure if that is the case. I don't get very happy anymore or sad, its just like a gray area.

This happened when I was around 16, I'm 18 now.

Just throwing my question out there, hope it gets answered, probably nothing but I am just curious :).

AThena53 06-13-2009 06:21 AM

Re: Question on possible brain damage
It's certainly possible. People with head injuries can have personality changes. OTOH, your body chemistry has probably changed between ages 16-18 and you may just have mellowed a little.

What symptoms did you have at the time of the injury? (Ouch- it hurts just reading the description.) That sounds rough enough to cause a concussion and likely a subdural hematoma (bleeding into the brain). Did you have nausea or a splitting headache for days later? Did you see a doctor? My husband had a fall with a subdural hematoma- he slipped on ice and hit the back of his head, which is why I know about this stuff.

These types of injuries can be cumulative, which is why a high-school football player who gets a concussion is usually told not to play again for a long time, or even never again. You need to avoid situations where you might hit your head again. You're probably too young to remember the great boxer Mohammed Ali, but I saw him in an airport about 10 years ago. He was hanging onto the arm of an attendant and shuffling, and looked like only half his brain was in this world. People would come over to shake his hand and he'd smile and nod, and go on. You don't want to end up like that.

Darksoul 06-13-2009 06:55 AM

Re: Question on possible brain damage
I hit the back button.. lets re-type this.

Anyway, I don't recall having a headache. I do recall having a memory issue at the time. Pretty sure for a second there I didn't remember who I was (infact, I'm certain of it since I don't recall anything when punched and when I got up.)

I remember being disoriented and confused, hell I think I even forgot I was punched or perhaps I was just in shock.

Yes, I did go to the hospital. I was forced to wait in the ER for a opening for a good hour or two. The doctor who helped me did a ****-poor job and shoved me off to the side after some basic questions and said I was fine.

I don't think they even thought of the possibility that I had a concussion or anything. They just treated my nose and gave me permission to go get a X-Ray of my hand since it was stiff. (Still not sure what happened with the hand..)

At the time I had a constant pulsing in between my skull at, I believe it was the growth plate since I have no idea what it is. There is a vertical line starting right above my nose and goes up to around my hairline and then appears to vanish. At the time I thought it was a crack because it was pulsing. Still not sure what the heck it is, probably just a growth plate. There is still some sort of pressure there.

Actually I can't really say they treated my nose either unless you count being given ice and being told to push it back in place being treated. I later found out I had a inverted septum and had to have plastic surgery to get it back in place. If I recall right this would not have been required if it had been straightened out when the incident happened. Could be wrong though.

Meh. To much talk about how I hate that doctor.

Anyway, I don't believe I ever got examined for a concussion or anything. They might have thought I was over-reacting or lying about the head injury. No idea. At the time I didn't really understand what was happening, well. I did, but since I had never been in that situation before I didn't really know what they should have been doing and checking.

Long, long post :).

AThena53 06-13-2009 08:40 AM

Re: Question on possible brain damage
Wow- sounds like you got pretty cursory "treatment" at the hospital. I think they paid more attention to my husband because he was 68, and probably because we had good insurance. (Yeah, I'm cynical about doctors and hospitals, too, even though my uncle and sister are docs.) They actually kept him overnight.

You do need to be careful about head injuries from now on. There was a very sad case in our area- a high school football player who had a concussion and was told not to play for the rest of the season. Somehow he ended up in practice- and slammed his head again. The cumulative effect was so bad that he has permanent cognitive changes- he gets angry a lot and he can't do his schoolwork. I suspect the family collected lots of $$$$ in a lawsuit against the school board, but their son will never be able to live independently.

So stay away from that guy who punched you!

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