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kimmy46 09-08-2009 01:48 PM

Hot antifreeze burn
My car recently over-heated, by removing the radiator cap, I received 1st and 2nd degree burns on my right forearm. Does anyone have advice on what to put on it once the blisters pop and it starts to heal? Thanks, kimmy:wave:

writeleft 09-09-2009 08:43 AM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
I would suggest you see a doctor...1st and 2nd degree burns are potentially dangerous, prone to infection, and can be difficult to heal.

mscat40 09-09-2009 10:14 PM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
[QUOTE=kimmy46;4073805]My car recently over-heated, by removing the radiator cap, I received 1st and 2nd degree burns on my right forearm. Does anyone have advice on what to put on it once the blisters pop and it starts to heal? Thanks, kimmy:wave:[/QUOTE]

That is very painful to have recieved 1rst and second degree burns. The best thing to do is see your DR, because Know how much pain these type of burns cause, your going to need something for that.
Anther thing is I do not know how big your burns are + they are different degrees, a second degree burn could actually be a deep 2nd degree burn .
What professionals go by is the size of the burn , and what caused the burn .When the area is bigger then the palm of your hand, it is time to see a doctor . Because the risk of infection increases the larger the burn is and the thickness of the burn.
You are right about leaving the blisters alone. Do not pop them. Once the blister goes down , IS when it is going to hurt badly and while healing . Special burn cream is needed to keep the area clean while healing. The burn cream can only be perscribed by a Doctor, then the doctor will instruct you on how to care for your burns as they heal, and probably give you a persciption of pain medication.
Your Dr may need to send you to the nearest burn center if it is very serious.

wackytoposthere 09-09-2009 11:32 PM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
[QUOTE=kimmy46;4073805]My car recently over-heated, by removing the radiator cap, I received 1st and 2nd degree burns on my right forearm. Does anyone have advice on what to put on it once the blisters pop and it starts to heal? Thanks, kimmy:wave:[/QUOTE]

Why wait for the blister to pop? Waiting gives time for an infection to start.

Go to your health food store and get a salve containing only aloe and calendula. If you can't find a pure salve, then try and find dried calendula in your health bulk section and make a strong tea to soak your arm. Do it at least every 12 hour for a few day, you'll see improvement after the first soak.
If, you can't find it in the health food store, maybe you know someone that grows it in their yard. Still no, then find some aloe, the burn has to be cleaned well and no signs of an infection before applying aloe, because aloe heals fast and you don't want to trap an infection.

Marigold and Calendula are in the same family, but the are not the same for healing burns.

feelbad 09-10-2009 07:13 AM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
just an FYI here wacky. as long as that blisters are intact, the possibility of having an open route of infection is pretty much nil(its still sterile inside there). it is ONLY after the blisters are popped before they are ready by a certain level of dry out that the underlying and vulnerable skin layers can become introduced to bacteria since a route has been allowed to let this crappy stuff in, and create an infection. that is why you don't pop blisters from burns. they may break open themselves but sometimes that is something that just happens when the outter layer just starts to dry up or the burned surface area gets bumped or scraped. but in a burn unit, they just do things a bit differently ,but that is all in a highly sterile environment. this is a home setting.

i would seek out at least your primary to have a look at the whole surface area and Rx whats called silvadine cream. it does help pain and healing of burns. you may also need something for pain too. but the area should be monitored for ANY signs of an infection so it can get treated promptly. there is some debate on whether or not a burn like a 2nd should actually be kept covered or not for alot of different reasons. i would say til those blisters actually drypop, and espescially if you are going to be using the silvadine, it should probably be at least loosely covered with kerlix or another type of light wrap with 4x4s placed over the more blistered areas til they pop and dry out. but DO see your doc to have this fully evaled. with most burns, even in most burn units, the true extent of any burn is not always even notable til at least the very next day, or even true burn circumfrence. its just the way burns react/are. any real swelling with most just takes like 12-24 hours to really show itself too. some levels of real swelling with some burns can really be rather intense looking too. but DO see your primary just to have this fully evaled. hope all goes well for you. please keep us posted, Marcia

mscat40 09-11-2009 06:33 PM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
The below post is correct . Something to keep in mind is that the less severe a burn is the more painful the burn is . Sylvidine sp cream is the most common burn cream perscribed the second degree burns . Blisters should never be popped on their own , because that is the body's natural protection against infection . After the blisters are popped , it will also be extremely painful . They will go down naturally, and YES their is swelling with second degree burns too.
2nd degree burns are likely to cause scarring , and can take at least a yr to fully heal . Anther reson why it is important to have a doctor take care of you, and instruct you on how to care for your burns.
It is important to keep the burn area clean, using the burn cream , gauze pads and a gauze wrap . This is the method of propper burn treatment for second degree burns, after the blisters have gone down, unless seen by a burn unit , they will decide what is best treatment.
IF you were burned by the liquid heat of anti freeze, then this may be technically a chemical burn, which is far more serious . Because a chemical burn can keep burning into the skin. Anther extremely important reason to have seeked professional treatment from a Doctor .
I hope your feeling better , and recieved treatment from your Doctor .

kimmy46 09-14-2009 05:08 PM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
Thanks to all that replied. My arm is healing nicely. though there willl be a huge scar on my forearm. The new pink skin is now exposed. I'm on my second jar of silverdene cream. The doctor said it will take at least a year to be fully healed. sincerely,kimmy

feelbad 09-15-2009 07:22 AM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
thanks for the update kimmy,i am glad things are healing well for you with no complications. you may actually have minimal scarring in some cases. alot depnds on that good healing course with no infections and how truely deep that burn actually was. there are also some creams out now that once you get the okay from your doc can minimize scarring too. just something to check into if you feel self conscious about the level of what is the final stage of healing and scarring that may be there. just keep that area out of the sun as much as possible, during this next year for certain. its just going to be a bit more vulnerable. hopefully everything will turn out just fine. Marcia

mscat40 09-18-2009 12:29 PM

Re: Hot antifreeze burn
hi kimmy,
yes it takes at least a year for a burn of this nature to completely heal, + you will see that the scarring is going to fade , into a lighter color . It may be unoticeable once the burn is healed, over time the scars will fade , getting lighter in color . Sometimes, it could scar up bumpy in some of the burned areas, if that happens the doctor can give you a special fabric wrap , that you wear, this helps the skin to heal smoothly . But, those special wraps and bandages are given to people who have recieved treatment at the burn center. Did you go to one?

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