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Jimmy P 02-22-2011 11:33 PM

Wound on shin, very slow healing process, ways to accelerate healing/avoid infection?
I scraped my shin on a rock two weeks ago, it was fairly large and about 3-4mm deep at the time. It got infected after about a week, and doctors cut out infection and dead tissue.

Now it's been kept dry, or rather, out of water since then, and it's not looking much better. The docs/nurses order me to come back every day to clean it, and otherwise keep it under gauze and bandage. Yesterday evening I left it open for a few hours, it dried out and a bit of blackness occurred, when I went to see the doctor he told me this was dead tissue and it needed to be removed - so they scraped it all off, along with some healthy tissue with hydrogen peroxide and a q-tip. Afterwards, saline solution wash, followed by betadine and sometimes antibacterial ointment, then back under gauze and bandage.

So I'm skeptical now that they're just trying to keep me coming back; I always thought you should keep wounds open to give them air. And I have a feeling that when they wash so vigorously, they're slowing down the healing process. Whenever I open it up it's all moist, and looks about the same as a week ago. They've also got me on CURAM, which is amoxicillin with clavulanic acid.

My friend has advised me to grind up amoxicillin and apply the powder directly to the wound. Apparently that should help it crust up and provide some protection from the outside and at the same time help fight the bacteria inside. I also have some betadine in powder form (banocin) that I've been told by different people will work.

I'm really at a loss here. My gut tells me to let it dry, my brain says listen to the doctor, and my boss says man up and start working again (I'm a diving instructor) so tomorrow I'm going back in the water, going to put it under opsite tape, apply vaseline and cling wrap and hopefully keep too much sea water from getting in, but according to the nurses it's almost certain to get infected if I do this.

jonnstar 02-28-2011 02:53 AM

Re: Wound on shin, very slow healing process, ways to accelerate healing/avoid infect
Taking supplements of zinc (50mg per day) and vitamin c (500mg per day) can speed wound healing quite significantly

To prevent infection, buy some Betadine and apply to the wound every day after you shower or bathe, and then cover with a non stick dressing. The moist healing ones are good if the wound isnt septic/discharging.

Sprinkling amoxcycillin onto the would wouldnt be smart - many common bacteria that infect wounds (for example staph) are resistant, and skin reactions are very common to topical penicillin.

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