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WindWalking 07-16-2011 04:00 PM

Lg hard lumps & cysts after sunburn
Had 2nd and close to 3rd degree sunburn on my back with multiple blisters. Began treating back with a mix of generic triple anitbiotic cream & scar therapy cream and also Aloe jell which had alcohol & stinging was tremendously bad.

As if the sunburn wasn't painfull enough, now there's some large cysts or boils, some with heads, some not, but all are very large, hard & raised.

I am guessing the oitments clogged the pores and caused these cysts boils? (correct me if I'm wrong).

1st; Just found Ichtiolowa oitment, which is that tar like stuff that is a drawing salve and I'm going to try that Please share info if you have another idea

2nd; I have a hot tub with heavy duty jet action; and thought maybe the hot water and the jet action directly on the cysts might help soften them. Do you think that may be dangerious to do?

3rd; I hear that Campho-Phenique &
Preperation H, maybe helpful for 2nd degree sunburn?

Does anyone else have a view on these or suggest anything else to help relieve cysts after sunburn? Anyone else ever had that themselves happen... this is so crazy.

I plan on seeing doctor, but not till monday when they are open.

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