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Anupriya 09-11-2011 06:53 AM

Post burn problems
Hi Guys,

Just want some information from you people. My sister has gone through a fire accident around 10 months ago(60% burns) and now she has recovered completely.But the problem is she has developed a keloid on her jawline and has hypertrophic scars over her hands. Doctors said that the best treatement for this problem is pressure garments to be worn for atleast 12 hrs a day and even silicon sheets help very well. Just want to know if there is any other solution or this is the best way to reduce these scars.

And another doubt that I have is that will her skin comes back to normal conditions atleast in the areas of not much deeper burns. On her tummy area yet she did not get any layer of skin in that area. i.e; I mean in that area her skin is in white color and its not like she didnot get any top layer of skin in that area. Plz do help me in this regards.


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