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Alexa72 03-25-2012 09:15 PM

Chemical burn around nose from acne wash
About eight years ago, I liberally applied some strong salicylic acid based acne wash on some zits around my nose. I now have what I've accepted to be permanent red burns around my nose.

It didn't bother me then, really. But occasionally, years later, I feel a mild pain at the burn areas. Maybe once every couple weeks. I apply moisturizer or Polysporin cream to make it feel better.

Is there still a risk of infection because I never got the burns treated. Also, is there any treatment for it, not just aesthetically but for the mild pain that sometimes flares up?

sjb 05-31-2012 10:41 AM

Re: Chemical burn around nose from acne wash
Hi Welcome to the board! Well if seeing the dermatologist did not help I would do other things. I am not going to say what works only what I would try. This is not a promise of a cure:

Some chemicals stay in the body a long time. I would make a charcoal poultice for the outside of the nose with 2 Tablespoons steam activated charcoal, 2 Tablespoons flax seed and enough water to simmer and make a thick sloppy paste. Experience will help in making it. I would simmer this mixture and put it in a paste I would cool it to about 100 degrees to avoid burning myself and then put this paste to within one inch of the border of a paper towel (this keeps it from being quite so likely to come out. I would fold it over and place it on the nose for at least 20 minutes, maybe an hour.

Fresh Aloe vera leaf helps remove potassium I might try placing this on afterward by slicing a leaf and rubbing it on. I would also eat a half cup cilantro every day since this is said to chelate some things out of the body that don't belong there such as lead. I would also use steam activated charcoal powder inside for a few weeks but not long term. The powder can be either taken in capsule form or a teaspoon can be placed in a cup of water stirred well and drunk. Some people put a tablespoon in a quart of water for things like irrigation for infection. Bacteria stick to it and it also adsorbs chemicals they emit.

I would not bother with most creams out there they often contain chemicals of their own. There are a very few which have only herbs and beeswax, which help with itching, and I am not sure it would help with pain much.

I would also note when the irritation occurs and if there are any zits there. Zits sometime occur with too much, fat, sugar, bacteria difficulties or hormone difficulties.

If desired I would like to know how things go. :)

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