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mollymoo123 03-07-2013 01:55 AM

Burn injury 5 months on and i have swelling and pain in my hand and arm?
Almost 5 months ago i was burnt in an explosion and had burns to 20% of my body. the worst to my left arm running from the back of my hand and fingers to my shoulder, leaving a strip about an inch and a half unburnt on the underside of my arm. The majority of the burns were dermal with patches of mid to deep dermal. my wounds were debrided but not grafted. My hand has been left with some scarring, it was the worst hit and the scars cover the entire back on the hand. i have small contractures but my hand movement is not too bad most of the time. I was not properly treated for the first 4 days (stupid small town doctor) and was admitted to a burns unit 4 days later with infection setting in.

over the last month and a half everything has been going fine, no swelling, minimal pain and ive been back to work and ive been doing really well. 3 weeks ago i started with some pain in my middle and index finger and a little swelling above them between the bones, just above the webbing. I put it down to a little nerve healing. Now in the past week the pain has gone to all fingers and thumb and is shooting up my arm. the fingers are like electric shocks and a deep aching in the arm and tingling in the hand. In the last 5 days my whole arm and hand has swollen dramatically and movement and sensation is effected. The pain has been so bad i have had to take pain killers again and its painful to use my hand. Im also left handed and can not work.

Has anyone with a burn injury had this happen to them? I went to the doctor today and i have put my pressure garments back on to reduce the swelling and to see if that changes anything. if not we will investigate further. After benig back in garments for 3 days there is no change and 1/2hr without them and my arm sweels again. I am also trying to keep my arm elevated as much as i can. I am struggling to find any info on burn injuries past the main healing stage. So any feedback would be wonderful. Im heart broken to have taken a step back in my healing and would love to know if this is common. Thank you

sjb 04-07-2013 03:00 PM

Re: Burn injury 5 months on and i have swelling and pain in my hand and arm?
Greetings Mollymoo123! I am so sorry all this happened to you my sympathies. I want to welcome you to the burns and injuries Health Boards! I hope the needed comfort and support is received while here. Peace, sjb :)

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