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annie13 08-22-2002 04:43 PM

Bladder Sling/UTI
Hello. I was just wondering if anyone out there has had a Sling procedure for a fallen bladder. I did. I am having a horrible experience with it. I am 37 years old. About 2 months ago I had a hysterectomy and a sling (hammock) put in to hold my bladder. Since then I have been in the hospital 2x for aggravated UTI. I have been on 6 different antibotics. Levaquin, Macrobid, Macrodantin, Cipro, Amplicillin and was in the hospital for IV drip of Vancomycin. The culture showed that Macrodantin should of worked. Vancomycin is the "top dog" and was supposed to knock this out. I just had another urinalisys, another or the same one, showed again infection. I also had a Foley cath. after surgery for about 1 1/2 wks. post-op. The dr. and path lab found a staph. bacteria that is difficult to get rid of. I am so depressed. I have low-grade fevers all day and night. I drink the cran jucies. 6 full glasses per day. I also eat yogurt, mostly for the yeast infections from the meds. Is there anyone with my experience? I would love for you to post. Thank you for reading my post.

drs 08-24-2002 05:39 AM

Sounds like an infection big time, aren't the doc's going to consider redoing the sling? A staph infection, is so hard to get rid they think it will go away at all? Now you have constant yeast infections to go with it? Are they doing anything medically for that? I had some awful experiences with post op, after my hysterectomy, but this is worse, a staph infection, is the worst!!!! Once when I had a bad yeast infection I douched with purified water and plain yogurt with active cultures in it, also I just bought a book about Tea/tree oil, and it says in there that douches can be done with that too. Are you at home dealing with this now? You poor thing, I feel for you. Are you drinking plenty of good water with the juice? If you want to post back with more info. feel free, I know it's hard not to get depressed when you are sick for so long. Do you have someone around to help you out? Do you have children that you are trying to care for too? I hope you get well soon. I'll be thinking of you Annie, Take Care, Diana

annie13 08-24-2002 12:48 PM

Diana, Thank you for your well wishes. I have another post about my hyst. on "sexual problems women". I do have wonderful people helping me, my family. I am lucky to have them. I cannot douch because of the sutures I have inside my pelvic area. Exellent idea! The doctors seem to NOT know what to do with me. I even had my urologist look at me and ask " well, what do you want to do now?" Duh!!!!! I told him "I wanted to get better!" "What do you think dr.?" It has really been a horrible experience. Hind sight I guess. I was told that this was my "only option". And the OBGYN was the 1st opinion. So the Urogolist was the second. They both we recommend by my family doctor. So there you are. I know I sound pitiful. I am not so depressed anymore, I am really upset with the whole situtation. I posted also to let others know, go for a 3rd or even a 4th opinion. This was too much for me to take. 2 sugeries on one shot. Major surgies. I feel the doctors should of known better than to lead me this path. Shame on them. The obgyn failed to test me for UTI on the day I visited him with symptoms of "green discharge" and that I could not void. He told me that the "green discharge" was just the sutures coming out on there own. And that my ureathra (sp) was now in a bent shape and difficulty to void is to be expected for a while. Well, that night, I ended up in the ER with 102.2 temp. the dr. there said I have one seirous infection. He wasn't happy with what I had told him what the Ob. dr. had said. Anyway, I feel like I am writing a novel. Thanks again for your reply. Annie

annie13 08-24-2002 12:54 PM

Almost forgot. Cran juice and I have to see this Ur. dr. in a week. I requested the oppointment!! I wanted to talk to him about removing the sling and what other options there are. I might be asking the wrong guy, who knows? No, I am going to get another opinion outside his county. You can bank on that!!

drs 08-24-2002 10:47 PM

Good for you Annie for getting that other opinion outside your area....some doctors just don't get can only take so much of something like that. I had some nightmare experiences too...Had the major incision the first time, I had a very large tumor, it was the size of a soccer ball, I am not very big, I don't know where I put it all!! They took my left ovary and my appendix out that time too. Then a year later I had another tumor...That's when the doctor told me these things generally grow back..Why he didn't tell my that the first time I don't know..this second time it was just as big and they did the total hysterectomy thing, that's when I ended up really sick and back in the hospital with a blood clot inside from a hematoma, bleeding internally, then they found out I was impacted, no enema before the surgery, and was like that before he started, then about 3 weeks after that I was back in for intestinal infection...did the colonoscopy thing and was in for a week with that bad infection...the whole time I also had trouble getting my urine to pass right too. I felt like I was sick all summer, and couldn't get better, then I went to a reflexologist when the infections were finally gone, and about 3 days after that I felt like I was going to live. See I do know how you can chuckle now but it was not funny then as you know too well. Feel free to post any time. Let me know how things go. Diana

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annie13 08-25-2002 08:20 AM

Well, aren't we two peas in a pod!! You've been through alot too. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think laughing now will save me from insanity!!lol. Sometimes I tell my family that I am feeling fine when I am not. I just get so sick of being sick!! I do know I will get better. We have alot in common! Hematomas, spent a whole summer sick. I am sick of all the meds. I notice you dwell in the alt. meds. Sometimes we take too many pills. I have never taken so much medicine in my whole entire life. At 37 I have only taken Bayer asprin and congestion meds. for bronchitis. My body doesn't like all this crap!! Well, I say, let's keep laughing!!! That is truly the best medicine. You've been a dear to confide in. They told me my hematoma just took care of itself. It was gone when I had a CAT scan done last week. I am getting a sharp pain in my right ab. area. I think it is the cyst they found on my ovary. If it doesn't get better, I will go the ER in the next co. over. This is just like a rollercoaster isn't it. I am soooooooo sick of hospitals. I really feel for children who spend time there. I would hate to go, my son cries. He is 11. Such a big help!! I will keep you posted. Keep me posted on how you are doing as well. Thanks for your kindness!!

drs 08-27-2002 07:53 PM

If I can be of help, than hear I am. Sorry I haven't written back sooner, I will check more often, since you are layed up, this may be a great place for you to vent, or laugh when venting gets

I have to tell you, I have done a 180 in the health department in the last 2 1/2 years, a whole diff person actually.(health wise) Being my own advocate along with Telling my doc. this is what I'm going to do, will that be ok? Then doing it.period. Just had to make up my mind to keep at it. I do know you are in a tough spot right now...boy do I know...the biggest diet change I made was drinking 9 glasses of water every day, sometimes more, cutting out my favorite..caffine...and no soda's. Since I don't have high blood pressure or any heart problems I can take 1/2 teaspoon of a mineral based sea/salt daily. This replaces eletrolytes and balances the ph of the body. Why they won't tell people how good mineral sea/salt is I don't know...I guess they wouldn't make any money there, now would they. I have some great info on the benifits of it. Think about it, what do they give you in the hospital right away, unless your blood pressure is sky high. Saline solution. Mineral salt and water. Well that's pretty much changed my life in the last year of doing that. I also have IBS too. Yeah, is that ever fun. not.
I've got that pretty under control now too.
So go ahead a get chatty, I don't mind a bit. And It'll take your mind off of things for a minute or so. Good thing you have a good helper, my daughter was about 8 when I was sick, she was a really big help too. Too bad they have to help out for this kind of reason. :( When I had that big incision I thought I'd never get well again. It took 3 months to feel half ways decent. I'm so short waisted that I had to wear a tight stretchy belt for 5 weeks, so I wouldn't (i think it was called)implode? It's where your guts could burst through the incision. Yuck. Also from the surgery my back went out, the sciautica(spelling not sure on that one.) Well I ended up waiting for 5 weeks before a chiro. would touch me. After I had it put back in, I wasn't to bend over at the waist for anything for at least a week. I had to bend at the knees to pick up anything, that's tough to do, when you feel beat up.LOL.

I just had to chase my dog out of the room, he was licking me to death. He's such a licker, at least he doesn't slobber quite so much as he used to. He'll be only 2 yrs old on october, for a lab, he's still a pup. Most times he's a cutie, but I can only take so much

Boy that stagh infection stuff is the worst kind to get. I had to go on some strong meds. for infections too, and they make you feel even more rotten!!! Get plenty of rest and drink your fluids, this helps alot. A good sense of humor is also a must...good thing you have one of those. Thanks for sharing a part of your day with me too. Hopefully your days will get better for you soon. Take Care, Diana :wave:

annie13 08-27-2002 08:39 PM

Hello Diana!!
I have a black lab also. His name is shadow. Are you sure you are not my double? He, He. Ok, where can I get this mineral sea/salt. I don't think the rinky dink grocery store has this. Also, what is IBS? Did you read my post "DO NOT ENTER" in the sexual health for women? I have been surfing the net, and came upon an article about vag. hyst. and slings. My difficulty with "sex" could be do to a vaginal wall prolapse. I am going to another OBGYN. Being a new patient, I have to wait for 1 month. I am going to see if my family dr. can get me in earler on a referal. Is there any truth to the cranberry pills out there? I am sure you have heard of them. Do you think they work. They seem to be a "naturally ingredient" supplement. I am just not sure. I went to the urologist, actually, he was away on personal business. The urologist I had seen in the same office said I will "most likely" suffer from UTI's in the future and to be sure to drink 4 oz. of cran juice daily, with lots of water, to help me to prevent this. Today I got a real scare!! I felt like I was voiding needles!! I thought, oh no!! Not again! Called the UR.dr, and he prescribed urimax. I am so sick of taking this and that meds. I already have pyridium. I go back to work next week. I work in a pharmacy as a tech. Go figure! I hate meds. Anyway, my customers really miss me. I can't wait to get my life back to normal!! You are really funny! I like your posts! Have you ever had de-za-vu? (sp). I feel like I have been here before I was here!!LOL. Didn't that sound stupid. You know what I mean I hope. Today was a great day. I went to lunch at my sons school. He invited me. Best lunch date I ever had!! After lunch, they had recess. We had such fun!! The kids are cute. They offered to buy me lunch if I would come tomorrow! How cute is that!! Hoping this finds you well, your friend via-the internet!! Annie Ps. how do you get those cute smiles and stuff on your post?? Do you have to have a scanner?

annie13 08-27-2002 09:14 PM

Diana, I know what IBS is. Irritable bowel syndrome? I think my mom has this. She is a long time suffer of diverticulitis also. She hates to eat sometimes. Well, some foods, because it is really hard on her stomach. She used to take bella-dona (sp) a long time ago after she ate to help with cramping. She also had to change her diet. She drinks more water than anybody I know of!! I know she hates get togethers because of certain foods that are served. I make sure she has things she can eat and likes as well. Take care!!

drs 08-28-2002 05:49 PM

Annie, my new are you today? I'm glad to hear you got out to go have lunch with your son, didn't you know...lunch is always better when someone else does the cooking? The kids do sound cute.

You wanted to know how to make the smilies, when you do a reply to me, look on the left hand side of the reply box, click on Smilies Legend and it will tell you, you always have a colon before and after with no spaces. See if you can do it. If you still can't just let me know.OK?

As far as the salt goes it's a 1-800 #No. and then 'realsalt' is the name but also the numbers. Hope I can do that, they are pretty strict here.
You say your mom has diverticulitis, and that she drinks alot of water, does she have any blood pressure problems or heart problems at all, the salt would be good for her too if she doesn't have these problems.

I have taken the cran berry pills before, I made a really good tea out of them, and you usually have to take 2 to 4 capsules 3x a day. Which is alot, you'd probably be better off just drinking the jucie. But they work too. Plus you still have to drink the water.

Sounds like you go from one pill to the other, isn't that sickening [img][/img]
I remember too well!!!!

Funny you ended up having a lab too. Aren't they sweet. Takes them awhile to smartin up when they are puppies though. Mine is almost 2. He's getting smarter. He's been a house dog from day one, it's too lonely for them outside alone, and they tend to be smarter when rasied in doors I always thought.

You know you said you have a prolapsed vaginal wall, well when I had my hystorectomy they put a stitch in there to make a space where my uterus was, it was to prevent prolapse. Obviously they didn't do that to you. I had heard about it via my sister in law, she said to request it to be done or they don't do it. ITSN'T THAT STUPID !!!!!!!!!! Why they just don't do it anyway as a precaution is beyond me. I had mine done at the age of 36, we were almost the same age. I'm 41 now. Whoop tee do. I used to think 40 was old. haha

How are you suppose to go back to work if still have that staph infection flaring up? Or is that better now? Funny you hate meds. and look what you do for a
LOLorlol=laughing out loud, in case you didn't know.

There are some other nutrients to take with the sea/salt, since you've have a hysterectomy you must be on some type of hormones, right? Have you ever heard of tri-est. That's the most natural kind of hormone, I'm on that kind. I really feel much better on it, I also take maca, that would replace your iodine and give you some natual progesterones, I take magnessium citrate 200mgs with food in the morning and at night, this helps the muscles relax, and lots of other things too. You also need some potassium daily too. It sounds complicated but it isn't really.

My key board is messing up and frustrating me right now, some of the letters don't want to type out, maybe I need new batteries or something, I have webtv plus not a computer.

I'm lucky I got this much typed out, I'd better go and see if new batteries help....this is awful, it took me along time to make this post.
Catcha later, Diana :wave:
PS. where do you live?

annie13 08-28-2002 06:43 PM

Hello Diana,
This is getting too weird. I too was 36 when I had my surgery!! In July I turned 37. I live in Indiana. I tried that colon thingy. Didn't work. The infection seems to be gone. I get checked again on Tues. of next week. They are going to let me take it pretty easy at work. Like sit down and do data entry on scripts. I think I will stick to my juice too. I love tea!! Maybe you can tell me of some good tea for the soul!! I know what you mean about labs. Mine is about 3 1/2 and dummer than a box of rocks. But cute, o very cute!! He is a good protector. Mom found some of that salt for me at store near her. I do not have to take hormones, yet. He left both my ovaries in. Thoughtful fellow!! However, I get hot flashes, dryness everywhere!! And can't sleep very well. It's funny though, my breast still get tendar and very swollen when my period is supposed to be coming on. Can you use that salt just like you normally would other salt? Mom doesn't have any bp problems. I take after her. Ours is usually very low. I think I am going to get some of that mag. citrate. Sounds like what I need!! Too bad you don't live close to here. I bet we would become good friends!! :D I think I figured the smiley thing out. I just now looked to the left!!DUH!! Well, I will close for now. Write soon! Your friend, Annie :wave:

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drs 08-28-2002 10:20 PM

Here you were writing about the colon thingy, and I'm sitting here going what the???? hahah, I thought your were talking about your colon~you know your smilies are cute aren't they?

I read your other post, man what a jerk!!!!!!! You really got a winner there didn't you. I saw most of the posts talk about sueing the doc. Well that is a personal choice. I wonder if you could write a letter to the editor in your newspaper so this doesn't happen to another unfortunate soul. Maybe it would be called slander though. You'd need to check. Don't you wish you had know about this creep before going to him? There's a women OB-GYN in my town that I wouldn't let touch me with a scalple in her hands, I know a girl that works at the court house in town an she said the file on this doc fills a box and 1/2 of lawsuits, she's married to a lawyer. How convienient. It's very hard to sue a doctor, and if you do, you only have one year to do it, and you need to get a lawyer from a diff. county. Just in case you are thinking along these lines.

I think you sound like the type of person that would only sue if it kept someone else from going through the same thing you've experienced.

I guess you may have to find out how to get that extra stitch out of there. The jerk. There was something else I was going to tell you, not it escapes me. It that mental pause thing.haha.(instead of menopause) Oh, I remember now, go to the thyroid dysfuntion board, and look for a post called 'information archive' it's written by a couple of people, look on page #2, scroll quite aways down till you find the info. on magnessium it's quite lengthy, I printed it out. Then go to page #3 an read about maca. That should help with breast tenderness, and maybe the hot flashes, also good for the adrenal gland function. It's quite abit of reading, I just printed them out so I had a quick reference. I also showed it to my mom she on both now too.

Yes, those labs are good protectors thats for sure. Is that your sons buddy? I heard some labs take till they are five years old before they really figure it all out. Mine is pretty smart so far.

Tea for the soul would be cammile at night, really. It will make you drowsy, and feel relaxed.

The use of the salt: you bet you can use it in place of reg. table salt. But you need to have iodine in your diet, Maca replaces that. And doing the watercure should help with your blood pressure too, and make you feel better overall. YOU are never going to believe this....I had low blood pressure all my life till I Started drinking more water!!! Makes you feel kinda woosey sometimes. I've also had thyroid cancer, they removed half of my thyroid, and keep me on enough to shut mine off. That was when I was 28. Have you been having any crying jags? When the estrogens are low this can happen. Just find some natural stuff. Gotta tell ya...that maca, if you ever look for it, it says its for the labido...hahaha. Don't be alarmed by that though, thats why it's a good idea to print it out, especially for your mom to to the info in the thyroid dis. board.)

I wish you lived closer too. But alas we can't share e-mail addys if we want to stay on the boards. :(

I do like beer, but not much at a time. Just a social thing. One at night sometimes. I have to get my waters in before I can even have that, then I have to drink extra because alcohol is very dehydrating, just 6oz's of alcohol, or caffine depletes the system of 10 to 12 oz's of water!!!!!!! So Yeah, I'm careful.

Here are some facts about water and salt: Water and salt regulate the water content of the body. Water itself regulates the water content of the interior cell by working its way into all of the cells it reaches. It has to get there to cleanse and extract the toxic wastes of cell metabolisms. Salt forces some water to stay outside the cells. I balances the amount of water that stays outside the cell. There are two oceans of water in the body, on inside the cells and the other outside the cells. Good health depends on this balance.

When water is available to get inside the cells freely, it is FILTERED from the outside salty ocean and injected into the cells that are overworked despite their water shortage. This is the reason why in severe dehydration we develope an adema and retain water. The brain commands an increase of salt and water retention by the kidneys. This is how we get adema when we don't get enough water.
Increases in water must be slow and spread out until urine production begins to increase at the same rate that you drink water.

When we drink enough water to pass clear urine, we also pass out alot of salt that was held back. Water is the correct way of getting rid of swelling, not diuetics. I will mark my spot and write you more on this later, if I'm not boring you to tears yet. But since you are interested on starting this I figured the facts would be a good idea. nighty night. Diana :wave:

drs 09-02-2002 08:24 PM

Annie, I post the facts about salt on the hepetitis,(spell? looks wrong,.)
anyway, if you go to that board, there is a post called 'living without treatment..cherish. cherish is the original poster. If you have a printer, maybe you could print it out for your mom. I have to hit the sack early tonight, my daughter first day of school is tomorrow. Later :wave:Diana

drs 09-04-2002 05:31 AM

You must be back to work by now, I bet your tired, isn't it hard when you go back? It takes awhile to adjust. I hope you didn't mind me reading that post in the womens health, that doctor really was a jerk. I wonder how many other women he's done that to. He shouldn't even be practicing. I would write a nice long letter to the hospital administrater, and tell them what happened, or the complaint departement. Maybe it can be fixed at no charge. You never know, maybe he'll be more carefull if people complained to the head honcho.

Hope work goes good for you. Don't wear your self out now. Take care, and get your rest, Diana :wave:

annie13 09-05-2002 04:08 PM

[img][/img] Yew, what two days I have had. I was glad to be back, but I am soooo tired!! Sorry I have'nt written. I think I will be back on track next week. I had to edit my one reply. I wasn't sure about other's seeing where EXACTLY I live!! :D It's funny, I kind of felt like, after being on my feet for so long, like my "female insides" were coming out! Then I remembered, I don't have much down there anymore!! I think I have been over doing it. It is a weird feeling. I did miss my customers alot. I am going to write the board at the hospital. I feel they really need to know about what happened to me in my words. There is more than one way to "skin a cat". So to speak. I will tell them because I "do not" want this to happen to anyone again!! They did send me a survey to fill out, again. I don't think I told you of the first one I filled out. I told them how I was treated by the nurses. ie.. push call button, took 20 min. to get to my room. Mind you, I only pushed it a few times. I had to clean my own bedpans. Threw up all day after surgery. I had never done that before under anst. I asked, finally for some pain meds., they couldn't find mine!! Bull!!! A nurse pulled on my foley cath. It came out, and she just stood there while my mom grabbed a towel and helped me. Oh, I could go on. I am not just a whiner, I was truly treated poorly. Shame on them!!! So, yes. I will defintely be writing them. How have you been!! I get off work at 4pm daily now. This is my weekend to work though. I work every 4th weekend. Next week, like I said, I should be back to a regular schedule. I was in the ER again on Sunday. The ER dr. didn't want to touch me with a ten foot poll when he had seen all the complications I had had over the past 2 months. Just sent me home with a shot of Demerol, and a prescription. The shot didn't work. The OB who did my surgery is blaming the pain on the sling surgery, to talk to the Urologist. [img][/img] This is how I feel. They just keep blaming each other. So off to another OB in 2 months. It takes that long because I am "new". I really don't think any dr. will see me. The other two made such a mess of things. It doesn't hurt me to try though. Well, I am going to close for now. Hopefully things are well with you! :D
Your friend, Annie

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