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Cure for Bladder / Urine Infections

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Smile Cure for Bladder / Urine Infections

RE: Cure for Bladder / Urine Infections

I have suffered bladder infections my whole life. Since I was 2 years old (Im now 27), I have had constant bladder infections. I was CONSTANTLY on 'Bactrum' tablets almost ALL the time as a child (which, after doing much research, I belive is what has given me the condition 'Lichen Sclerosis' in the last few years - but that's another problem). When I was about 10, I was sent to the Royal Childrens Hospital in the city to have some special 'neuclear' x-ray test done to find out the cause of these bladder/urine infections. They saw that the urine was traveling back up the tube to my kidneys when I urinated, and said that I just had to wait until I got older until the muscle grew. Well, I don't know if that muscle ever grew or what, but the burning sensation and the immense abdominal pain when passing urine was still there for years later. When I was about 20, I still had infections, so I went to have an endoscopy (I think that's what it was called?) where you go under local anesthetic, and they insert a camera up into the bladder - it's a hospital procedure. They found absolutely NOTHING to be wrong. Yet I was still getting immense pain when passing urine. I knew I had to combat this myself, as the doctors could not find the problem. I started drinking cranberry juice, about 500mls a day with my lunch. This worked, but I had done it in the past and got so sick of cranberry juice that it became unbearable to drink. It was also very expensive to keep buying, and one day I ran out of Cranberry juice and just took a bottle of water to work with me that day instead. I never got around to going to the shops to buy more Cranberry juice, and I continued to drink (about 500ml) water with my luch every day. I thought to myself, as soon as I feel an infection come on, I will go buy it again. But what I noticed was that it was not that Cranberry juice that was keeping the infections at bay, but the amount of water I was drinking (as Cranberry juice gets diluted with water). I noticed that if I stopped drinking water with my lunch, and I had a milk drink or a can of coke, I would feel an infection coming on again. The other part to this story is that I also used to drink the 'Ural' sachets to relieve the symptoms. These Ural sachets get disovled in a large glass of water, just like Cranberry juice. So think about it, both of these need to be diluted or mixed with water, so it forces you to drink water. Sure they may relive the symptoms, but isn't that because your body is getting what it needed in the first place - WATER?!?!?! It has taken years for me to work out that my body wasn't getting enough water to flush out my system (all the toxins and food waste), but it just makes sense. If our bodies are made up of over 80% water, then it is just logical that we need PLENTY of water/fluids to keep the body working and flushing itself out. If the food we eat is not flushing through the bladder properly, then it's going to sit there and get bacteria, then cause infections. Please, anyone who gets ongoing urine/bladder infections MUST try and drink more water. I know too many people who drink a can of Coke for lunch, then Coke with their dinner. CocaCola is not only un-healthy, but full of sugar (8 teaspoons per can to be precise!), which can also bring on an infection. A lot of people I know hardly drink water these days, and I believe that's because there are so many other appetising and enticing drinks to choose from. We live in a society where marketing sells, and people just drink what tastes good.

Water is the cheapest and healthiest way to prevent any bladder or urine infection, and what have you got to loose. It doesn't cost anything, and not only should you not have any pain when urinating, you will also see how much it improves the look of your skin (bonus!).

I drink a 500ml bottle of water everyday with my luch, and a large glass of water (about 500ml) with my dinner every night. And for the last 5+ years, I have not had another urine/bladder infection since. I cant believe something so simple cured such a constant painful problem that I have had my WHOLE life. However I find that if I don't have any water for a whole day, I will feel a bit of a tingle in my bladder - and I know that's my body alerting me!

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Re: Cure for Bladder / Urine Infections

were they ever able to find any infection in your urine? if not chances are that there never was any infection at all

an anxiety problem can cause the burning you mention and its sometimes relieved by the bedwetting dose of imipramine which calms the bladder as a side effect
the kegel pelvic floor exercises may also help
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Re: Cure for Bladder / Urine Infections

Yes, my urine samples would always come back with an infection, and that's why I was on bactrum tablets for many years. The pain was always so excruciating, and that was not just while I was urinating, I would be nauseas and have a constant pelvic pain between urination.

I have also seen at least 5 different uroligist specialists over my life and they do mention to drink plenty of fluids, but:
1.) they say 'fluids', and I belive that many people mistake this for being Soft Drink, Orange Juice, Cordial, etc, which are full of sugar that actually agrivate the infection, and
2.) they had never emphasised that I needed to drink at least 1-2 litres of water a day, and to also ensure I drink it while eating food. I believe that is the key factor of eliminating infections. Doctors have been taught to give antibiotics and medicines to cure infections, but it seems they rarely know how to prevent. And then there's the other argument that some people belive, that the chemist/drug/pharmacy industry (worth billions) don't want to find natural cures or else their industry would be worth nothing.

Have you tried drinking 1-2 litres of water a day with each meal? You need to make sure that the food you are eating is mixed with water so your body can digest it easily.

Think of your body like it's a toilet - Try flushing your toilet without enough water, and the poo will get stuck on the sides of the bowl and start to get bacteria growing on it. However, if you flush the toilet with enough water, you don't get any waste stuck to the bowl and it flushes through clean.

I drink my water during my meals, lunch and dinner, and not just at the end of a meal (as I know some people do that). The recommended amount is 3 litres per day (recommended by dieticians). Just try it. You have nothing to loose. It worked for me.

I would love to hear if anyone else has eliminated urine infections by drinking more water every day?

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