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SuddenlySerious 09-28-2008 01:37 PM

Nervous Bladder Issues
I am a perfectly healthy 21-year-old female. Things have been going very normally for me in terms of my bladder and urination (I do notably frequently- and sometimes unnecessarily- urinate because I always worry about what would happen if I wouldn't be able to use a bathroom for a long time). However, I recently boarded a 3 hour flight from FL to NY and I wasn't able to urinate. I felt the urge to go but something about the movement of the plane just prevented me from being able to relieve myself. This has happened before when I have taken those coach buses long distances that have lavoratories in the back. The plane incident was excruciating though. I think in my desire to force myself to go, I possible clogged something up because I was so tense but I couldn't make myself get it out of my system. It became increasingly painful and I knew that I needed to go but I just wasn't able to. I felt like my bladder would burst, it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. If we hadn't been 30 minutes from landing when this occurred I don't know what would have happened honestly. I thought either my bladder would simply explode and I would die, or I would pass out from the pain.

What is the solution for this? Is there a realistic way to get over my nervousness in urinating on public transportation or is there some kind of medication to prevent my feeling the urge so that I don't attempt to make myself go and as a result cause these problems?

I have a 6 hour flight to go on next summer and I am extremely worried about this.

I appreciate your thoughts in advance.

Chrystal34 10-01-2008 07:55 AM

Re: Nervous Bladder Issues
That problem of not being able to urinate in public places is a very common thing. Sometimes it's the movement, and sometimes it's just too public to settle down and go. There are things like Uristat that are considered bladder analgesics that relieve the urgent need to pee, although these are more for UTI's, not sure about what there is other than that without a prescription. Hope this helped:)

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