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deacon1986 03-24-2011 10:16 AM

Waiting for tests to be done
I'm a 46 year old non-smoking male. I had gross blood in my urine about 5 weeks ago (on two separate days, none since then). Went to GP, did a urinlaysis, no infection, but did detect microscopic blood. Had non-contrast CT Scan done, no sign of stones. Went to urologist a couple of days later. He checked prostate, scheduled an IVP (which I did today) and a cystoscopy in 2 more weeks time (6 weeks after blood was seen in urine).

About 5 days ago, I started to notice a slight sensation in my back, like a heating pad was too hot. It has now moved to my groin area (feels like left side of bladder) and is more pronounced when I sit. I sleep through the night without having to wake and I have no pain in groin upon waking. I have no greater sense of urgency to go to the bathroom, no burning sensation when I urinate.

I went back to GP since my urlogist's PA said it did not sound like urological condition (I disagree with that assessment. Not too happy with urologist, on my first visit, he did not send my urine off for cytology, went back and gave a sample yesterday). GP tested urine again, no blood and no infection.

I know the cystoscopy will be the definitive test for anything serious. I was not concerned at all when I had no pain in my groin/bladder area, but now I am getting a little anxious and finding it hard not to dwell on what ifs.

I was just curious if anyone else had the same kind of symptoms, blood in urine and burning pain in bladder area. If it is cancer, can the non-invasive type cause the burning pain I feel? Obviously, my biggest fear is invasive cancer. Just looking to see what other people's experience may have been.


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