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needler 08-01-2011 08:08 PM

Someone help me please
About a month or so ago I was in ER with all these symptoms. The Doctor said I either had kidney stones or a small tumor. That the Cat scan i had wouldn't pick up a small tumor.

The day I went to ER i had all this

Pain during urination ( very minor pain)
Frequent urination
Feeling the need to urinate many times throughout the night
Feeling the need to urinate, but not being able to pass urine
Lower back pain on one side of the body

also urine a lots of times in small amounts. Also a lot of dry heaving.

And lower back pain was in lots of pain kept having to reposition my self to get the pain down.

My family isn't helping and I have no health insurance. My dumb dad keeps saying it was just kidney stones over and over because his x wife had it. At first I believed that but now I don't think it was kidney stones. And my dad won't get that through his thick stupid head.

With no health insurance what do I do before I get majorly ill.

No one will do anything I'm a sitting duck. And my Urine is just as bad as it was when I went to the ER and i stopped soda and changed my diet.:wave:

needler 08-01-2011 08:11 PM

Re: Someone help me please
I'm getting really scared now I'm only 22.:(

Anyone I email won't answer me or anything.

esker 08-01-2011 08:29 PM

Re: Someone help me please
When you hear hoofbeats outside your window, it's probably horses, not zebras.

Seriously, dude. At 22, your chances of having a tumor are vanishly small. Not impossible, but very rare and unlikely.

So it's not zebras. It's horses. You got kidney stones. Contact the hospital and your state or county health department to find out what they do for people with no health insurance. Stop being scared and just get going!

needler 08-01-2011 08:35 PM

Re: Someone help me please
That's what I said. But i can still tell that blood is in my urine.

Also that the doctor said it could be a small tumor or the kidney stones.

I was only diagnosed with hematuria.

I just personally don't think it was kidney stones.

Like I say a month later now and my urine is still as dark as day.

And when I go to that bathroom I can tell something isn't right and hasn't been for at least 6 or more months now.

Iv also been smoking for 7 years now. Heavy.

And on top of it I think I'm having weight problems for like 6 months now I can't gain weight I'm 6'1 tall and weigh 127 pounds. I weighed more before that like 145-150
Ill find out soon enough If i turn out ok I won't bail on you guys ill stick around and support you guys also.

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