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Leww 09-11-2012 03:00 AM

7 weeks post TURP - bladder control problems
Hi, I am now 7 weeks post TURP. I also have SUTUS ( Sudden urge to urinate syndrome)
In my case, I injured my back (stretching across the desk to grab a pen!!) 12 days after my TURP and I self medicated with Naproxen and Norflex as I have longstanding back issues.This worked a treat for my bladder control as the combination of anti inflammatory and anti spasm was great ffor my bladder and also eased that burning sensation at the end of each voiding. I thought I was in heaven,strong flow,slept all night etc.My urologist was happy with this.However when my back was back in control and I stopped taking the medication things took a turn for the worse.I am now 2 weeks without medication and have been caught out twice unable to control my bladder.
This is now preying on my mind and like others I find its a vicious circle. I am trying to build up my ability to hold a full bladder while at the same time I am acutely aware that I could be caught out in very embarrasing circumstances so I am taking a regular pee "just in case"!!!
Anybody got any advice or suggestions. I am considering getting diaper/liner but not sure that they can hold the volume (250mls)

Leww 10-11-2012 02:09 AM

Re: 7 weeks post TURP - bladder control problems
Its now 6 weeks later and I have improved dramatically.

Still have a problem of having sudden urge to urinate but it is reducing all the time.I am regaining my ability to control urination little by little
I am only up once a night.
I am still pretty responsive to outside stimulus.EG water running from taps sets me off!!!

Life is returning to normal and I for one am REALLY happy that I had a TURP.

Leww 11-29-2012 12:02 PM

Re: 7 weeks post TURP - bladder control problems
Its now the end of November and its 19-20 weeks since my TURP.I am so pleased with the result, it has not been plain sailing and I have had some issues along the way. Right now, I get up once a night and empty out quickly and end up back into bed in less than a minute.During the day the sudden urge to urinate has gone almost completely although a running tap will still get me going!!.I guess that the muscles that control the bladder have regained their strength.
I have recently had two longish flights of over 4 hours and did not need to urinate at all.
I can now go out with friends and have a few beers without constantly going to the toilet and only getting rid of 70-80 mls a time.
When I pee now its a good solid stream and 400 plus mlls each time. Sexual function is normal. ( not as good as when I was 18 but satisfacrory for 66!!)

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