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Twinmom07 04-26-2015 12:20 PM

Iron deficiency anemia?
Hello! This is my first post. My husband (41) has some routine bloodwork which showed iron deficiency anemia which is uncommon in men. His hgb was 12.5, hct was 40, iron was 41. He has been referred to a GI who want to work him up with colonoscopy and egd. He has not had any bowel changes and digital exam showed no blood. However in January he said he noted a very small streak of blood on the toilet paper after passing a very hard stool. This happened a few more times after. Until the sore area healed. We are terrified of colon cancer since iron deficiency anemia is so uncommon in males. If he hadn't had the bloodwork, we would not have even known there was a problem. Does anyone have any insight on the iron deficiency and potential cancer? Feeling very worried as we have three young children....thanks.

billro3 06-07-2015 07:04 PM

Re: Iron deficiency anemia?
Hello, my name is Bill and I was iron deficient when a routine doctor visit and blood work showed that I was anemic with a 10.7 hgb back in 2009. I was referred to a GI, had a colonoscopy and it revealed a rectal mass. The biopsy showed it was a malignant tumor. I was scheduled for surgery to have a bowel resection and the mass removed. I understand your fears and concerns, I was terrified. The surgery was successful and it was recommended that I NOT receive chemo or radiation due to my having heart disease. I had to have a temporary colostomy to give my bowel time to heal from the surgery. Three months later I underwent tests to check for any leakage and everything was fine. I then underwent another surgery to reverse the colostomy and have the bag removed, which is really no big deal after a couple of weeks. Since then I have been cancer free, and no longer have a colostomy. That was six years ago and at the young age of 63 I live a healthy and normal life. Things have changed dramatically in medicine and cancer treatments in the last few years and if you and husband are faced with a diagnosis of cancer it is okay to be terrified initially, but don't think for a split second that this disease cannot be beaten. Meet it head on, fight it, and you will be victorious and live for many many years, I am living proof.

Good luck and God bless, I will keep you in my prayers.

nr1234 12-29-2015 09:37 AM

Re: Iron deficiency anemia?

I suggest you see a GI doctor, It could be a fissure or IBS. I suggest having a colonoscopy. It's not bad at all I had my first at 16. As for the anemia It could also be due to malabsorption in the intestine. I have malabsorption because of a birth defect and I know how scary these things can be. Sometimes the only treatment needed is a biopsy or removal of any growths such as polyps, roids or tumors. Stay positive.

SarahJane34 05-13-2016 02:57 PM

Re: Iron deficiency anemia?
I don't think it's cancer, because I have iron deficiency anemia. It just means that there's lack of iron in the blood. He might have to go for a blood transfusion. Depending on what shows up from the blood test. Transfusions aren't as frightening as the word 'Transfusion' might sound. It's really just a tiny machine, with a needle feeding blood into the arm, and a bag of blood hooked to the top of the machine. I think having toxic blood would be far worse :)

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