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Kirra790 06-11-2017 09:32 PM

I think I have bowel cancer
I am convinced I have bowel cancer. 4 weeks ago I was rushed to hospital with a pain in my right side. The could not find anything wrong, but only looked at my right side above my waist, as that is where the pain was. I do have a gallstone and have had for years, but advised to have it removed.
I was sent home and went to my doctor the next day and was sent for blood tests and the doc sent an urgent refusal to the hospital for a colostomy.
Then a week later for urgent iron transfusion as its very low.
I got a call from the hospital to get the iron, which I did today.
The hospital rang and told me they will let me know, 6 weeks before mt colposcopy! I could be dead by then.
Anyhow I am going to my doctor to get a referral to have it done private.
I had a change in bowel habits, but did not think much of it as it was easier for me as I had explosive episodes before and they stopped, so I really thought it was normal.
When I went to emergency I had been having trouble for 2 days before the pain, going to the toilet. I only seem to do a little and it was pretty soft. I still have this. I can't go at all without laxatives.
I have pain in my lower groin, sort of to the back. I have had this since the day I went to hospital. Some days it's just an ache, some days I have to take pain killers. Many nights I need to take stronger pain Medes to sleep.
I also have back pain.
I have no appetite, but eat anyhow as I am addicted to food. I have not lost weight, well a couple of kg, but that's not much, but I have stayed the same for weeks, where I thought I should have put on with the constipation and over eating.
I am having increasingly more problems with breathing. I am an asthmatic but normally don't have much problem. I feel more and more bloated. More and more uncomfortable.
I have not noticed any blood in my toilet, because before yesterday, I never looked. I did look because when I whiped it felt slippery as if it might have been blood, but there was nothing I could see.
I feel like I know I have cancer and no one will get moving fast enough. I want them to tell me and get working on it.
So what do you think? Am I right? Have you had this ?

Seraph 06-12-2017 12:27 AM

Re: I think I have bowel cancer
I am confused - are you going to have a colposcopy? That is a cervical scan, nothing to do with bowels. Anyway, chill. There are many other things with these symptoms, including IBS, gallstone and bile duct problems, infection, sensitivity-to-something-you-are-eating like wheat or lactose; anxiety will play a part. It may also be caused by problems in other organs in the pelvic region. These can upset the bowel. Bowel cancer is many places down the list, statistically. Get it all checked out; a colonoscopy is a good start. Cheers, Sera

Kirra790 06-12-2017 12:32 AM

Re: I think I have bowel cancer
Yeah sorry can't spell and I just went with the suggested word thinking that was it. Thank you, I will try to stop

Titchou 06-12-2017 05:25 AM

Re: I think I have bowel cancer
Have you had your gallbladder out? Definitely sounds like gb issues.

spinaltap 06-21-2018 08:41 AM

Re: I think I have bowel cancer
so sorry you have this anxiety about colon cancer i seem to have it also and i
know what you mean by not looking in the toilet. it seems weird but sometimes i
do the same.

MSNik 06-21-2018 11:39 AM

Re: I think I have bowel cancer
Did you mean colposcopy or Colonoscopy? Two very different tests. One looks at the colon- the other at the cervix.

This really sounds like your gallbladder more than anything else. Can you talk to a GI doctor about a HIDA scan to see how your Gallbladder is functioning?

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