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lionleon 12-01-2016 08:59 PM

Fear of Brain Tumour (Replies would be appreciated)
Hello. I've joined due to persistent fear that I may have brain cancer and wanted a second opinion without the expense of a doctor's visit.
These are my symptoms-

-Flashes of head pain, though repeatedly in one area over others
-Nausea, though it has not kept me from eating nor have I felt the need to throw up (it stopped only hours ago)
-Slight desensitization in fingers, though not numbness as I can still feel texture, pain, and temperature
-Blurred vision with movement
-Persistent dark circles despite getting 7+ hours of sleep per night

For other details about me
-I happen to have a severe vitamin D deficiency
-I walk at least two miles every day
-I do not often drink a lot of water, though am attempting to get better about that

Any advice or ideas on what might be wrong with me would be appreciated. If I seem like a hypochondriac, please be gentle, haha.

MSNik 12-02-2016 10:45 AM

Re: Fear of Brain Tumour (Replies would be appreciated)
Your symptoms can be symptoms of being dehydrated and of being deficient in vitamin D
It does not sound like you have a brain tumor because you would be having very serious issues...

The only way to rule out a brain tumor is an MRI or CT scan; however, the likelihood of anyone sending you for one is very low since you are not complaining about the symptoms of a brain tumor.

Try to relax. Anxiety makes everything worse....


gingertea 12-02-2016 06:45 PM

Re: Fear of Brain Tumour (Replies would be appreciated)
Look up the symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia on the net. I went to the doctor for the symptoms you describe. After checking me out, he diagnosed Occipital Neuralgia. He actually said people with it think they have a brain tumor. One thing that did help relieve some of the shooting pains was to wrap a towel around my neck and fasten it with a safety pin. It helps relieve some of the stress on your neck that can cause the shooting pains.

Good luck! I hope you feel better soon.

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