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PleaseHelpMe273 12-30-2014 06:12 PM

Worried about brain tumor please help!! I appreciate your replies please help!
I posted this in the headaches thread because I don't know which thread to post. I do not mean to spam or anything.

Ok I think I'm a hypochondriac, but please take me seriously! Also I hope I posted in the right section. I am also prone to headaches.

I'm 18 year old female. Something happened to me that has never happened before. Yesterday I was sitting on the floor in my room, on my phone. I wasn't hunched over. Suddenly, this headache HIT me. Like my left eye started hurting, and it spread to the left side of my head. I didn't know what had just happened.

Usually my headaches only get better with Tylenol, but this time I put a warm, damp cloth over my forehead and closed my eyes. The headache faded away in 35-40 mins. But I still had a slight sensation of "pain" sometimes over where the headache had occurred, which was the left side of my forehead, like the headache hadn't really gone away. Also there's this feeling on one spot of my head. The spot is on the right side of the back of my head. It's this weird "pain". It's not pain, but it's this sensation that comes and goes is not painful.

I normally get headaches that start over my left eye, so that part was not unusual at first.

I'm really scared now. I really think it's brain cancer/tumor?!!!?!??! The reason why is because my head still feels weird today. By weird I mean sometimes, I feel this "pain" over my left side of the forehead, where the headache had been. Also that spot at the back of my head still has that sensation.

Two days before I got that sudden headache, I had a slight headache in the morning that came back at night, so I had to take Tylenol twice. That headache I didn't worry at first about since the other day before, I had a bad stomachache in which I wanted to throw up (but it was the first time I didn't throw up! And it went away!). I couldn't sleep during the stomachache and fell asleep around 4 am.

But idk!!!! I'm really scared, ok? I told my parents and they said it could be because of my eye (I wear contact lenses and they said my eye is adjusting because I have worn glasses these past 2 weeks), my sinuses (they are always a little stuffy normally), my PCOS and the fact that my hormones are imbalanced and that my period is trying to come, or my sleep pattern (I sleep late and wake up late on winter break, but I have done this for summer break too and no sudden headaches!!!!). They think I'm too focused and making it up and exaggerating!!!!!

Meanwhile I'm really scared!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it a tumor behind the eye??? In the brain???? Will I suddenly get a headache again????

Maybe someone can comment on this and help me out?!!?!?!?

Also, last year, I had a headache for three days that would stop when I took tylonel and come back, but that went away after i drank a lot of water. But I'm not dehydrated right now.


ChuckStr 02-25-2015 03:31 PM

Re: Worried about brain tumor please help!! I appreciate your replies please help!
There are many, many reasons people get headaches incredibly more likely than a brain tumor especially in an 18 year old. The feeling in the back of your head sounds similar to tension headache and I get very painful headaches over my eyes due to sinus issues. Migraines are also a good possibility.

I have a relative who died last year of a brain tumor and his symptoms were absolutely nothing like yours. He did have a persistent headache but it was focused in a single spot and was a continuous, intense pain. He also had auditory hallucinations, and episodes of memory lapse, that culminated within a week to his first significant seizure.

I wouldn't worry about a tumor, but if your headaches persist you may want to seek treatment for sinus issues etc.

Good luck!

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