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Jessica1101 11-03-2021 09:21 PM

Post op mastectomy pseudomonas infection
I recently (10-4) underwent a bilateral mastectomy with axillary node dissection for treatment of stage IIIc triple negative breast cancer. During surgery I had 2 JP type drains placed. The left one never caused me any pain ,and was removed within one week… the right one…where more work had been done started causing significant pain within just over a week of having it placed. A few days prior to the scheduled day to have the drain pulled, after having it for 15 days, I began having yellow/brown exudate from the drain insertion site itself, enough to drip down my body and this was the first time I had experienced this with this drain…it also became red and swollen, the JP output still appeared serosanguenous. Naturally I called my doc, she said I was still on my prophylactic post op antibiotic and that is was probably fine and she would see me in a day or so. She pulled the drain, didn’t appeared concerned, filled my tissue expanders and off I went with great relief from having the tube out of my body! Within 6 days I developed a seroma, fairly common after my type of surgery but the culture from the fluid aspiration came back positive for a Pseudomonas infection, not covered by prophylactic Keflex, quickly another fluid collection developed, again drained and this time the breast was instilled with a CHG solution to attempt to clean out the breast pocket and coat the expander, 3 days later I’m back again with high fevers, chills, extreme fatigue, low bp …essentially early sepsis, so today my expander had to be removed and the breast cavity washed out and closed back up without any expander in place. Now I’ll have to have skin from my back used to create a breast at a later date so that we can attempt to move on with much needed radiation. So my question is…am I wrong for thinking that more maybe should have been done as soon as the drain site was looking a little wonky? I’m no doctor but I have been a nurse for 12 years and I can’t help but wonder

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