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cazz58 02-17-2012 03:46 AM

White patch.
Hello, I used these baords and found them very helpful when I was diagnosed with ankle arthritis and degeneration of the sternum! Now I am hoping for some advice to what I have recently discovered ( like an hour ago)

I have a white round patch on my right breast, if I was showing my cleavage it would show at the probably wouldnt be noticable to anyone else though... should I see a doctor? Has anyone else had this?

I have had a bit of an ache around the top of the breast this week, but have had that before , it feels like pulled muscleas when I stretch it is worse, today it isnt hardly there at all... I out that down to my sternum problem added to I work on checkout and that is my stretching have had it on and off for years...

I really hope someone is out there and can help me.... I am shaking as I am writing this....

Cazz. x

cazz58 02-17-2012 04:06 AM

Re: White patch.
OMG!!! do I feel a wally!!!

Just broke down and told my man and when he looked at it he laughed and said Darlin, thats ALWAYS been there........then something sprung to mind that I HAD noticed it before...I found a picture 2 yrs ago when I was on holiday and had a strappy top on and yes! it was there, it was red ( my man said I was suntanned, so a pigmentation would go red!)..

what a ninny!!

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