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ashlynsta 08-08-2013 09:29 PM

Need advice on breast cancer; 18 y/o
So I'm getting a little worried about my breasts and how they are changing. I'm 18 years old and over the past couple months both nipple have been crusty and I've been able to push them in to become inverted but they always come back to normal. But recently the left one has started to bleed from time to time, which I only thought was before my period started, but a couple days ago it bleed so hard during the night that it stained my shirt about an inch. I also noticed that morning my right breast was red and became a rash that harden into a scab. It's been normal ever since except a little sensitivity. I do have family history of breast cancer, my mom died from it 15 years ago after the doctors failed to diagnose her because they said it was benign and she had a 98% chance of living. And I don't want to be that 2% where the doctors were wrong so please, any advice would help! Thank you.

tippy1986 08-09-2013 04:36 AM

Re: Need advice on breast cancer; 18 y/o
My 26yr old daughter is also having a rough time with possible symptoms of breast cancer.
Since there is a significant link to breast cancer( from mother) I would recommend a visit to your OBGYN.
If you don't have one, go online to your health care provider( Insurance Carrier) & verify a OBGYN in your area.
Once you schedule an appointment, make a list of all your concerns and family history.
Remain positive and keep a log of each new change/symptom.
Also, it was recommended to my daughter that she keep a photo log of each visible change.
Make plenty of notes at each doctor appointment and home as well.
I wish you well!

babygirl127 08-09-2013 01:01 PM

Re: Need advice on breast cancer; 18 y/o
Hi: You seem pretty young to have breast cancer but since you have a family history. I would go to an ob/gyn for an exam and see what they say. They may send you for a mammogram and ultrasound. That does not sound normal so I feel you need to have it checked out asap. Fingers crossed it is nothing. Keep us posted ok....

worried725 12-11-2013 07:26 AM

Re: Need advice on breast cancer; 18 y/o
Hi! I am a 19-20y/o

& I have had cysts in my breast. Along with fibroadenoma in my right and left breast. The right one was discovered earlier as it was about 19mm big. I went for ultrasounds and both the nurse who conducted the ultrasound and my doctor reassured me that it is just a benign fibroadenoma. Theyu did not do any other tests to verify it. about 1 to 2 months later, I feel a lump at my right underarm & I am feeling really worried that it has escalated to cancer.

Can anyone please advice?

In addition, my mum had breast cancer at her left breast when she was about 49y/o. :/

& I am really worried...

Thank you to anyone that would please advice!

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