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ksc1968 10-17-2004 09:21 AM

HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
Hi everyone
I am a little confused... I had a abnormal CIN 3 pap smear result. I went in for my colposcopy / biopsy and she said she says it did not look bad at all, but saw a couple of small areas and she biopsied them and did a ECC. My gyno said that even if my biopsies comes back normal she will still need to do the leep. This is confusing for me. Her explanation was that even if all is normal the original pap was CIN 3 than it has to be coming from somewhere she can not see? Is this normal? If results are normal should I get a 2nd opinion and a new pap...(could my original pap have been mixed up with someone elses?)
Also, since the biopsies on Friday I have clumpy brown discharge that smells this normal?
Oh, and my gyno only does the Leep in the hospital with anesthesia (sleep). Any thoughts on that?

Suzanz 10-17-2004 11:22 AM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
I had CIN I and had to go for colposcopy - then results came back CIN II. I started taking Betamannan and also B12, Folate, Betacarotene. I went into the hospital for my LEEP - which was under anaesthetic... After I woke up I was scared to go to the toilet cause I didn't know how it would feel - but all was completely fine... I went to work later that afternoon - no cramps, no bleeding, nothing (lucky me I suppose!!)... I got my results couple of days later and they told me it had gone back down to CIN I. I presume that this was cause I took the Betamannan and it worked for me. I have had all clear pap smears (and even a thin prep pap smear which is more accurate) since then (my last pap about a month ago!!)...

U can get Betamannan from - it worked for me.... If u can't afford it u tell them and they will make it cheaper for u - they gave it to me for half price... Even better, if the product doesn't work - u get ur money back... I am not a fan of any medication at all unless it is detrimental to my health, so I searched for alternative medicines and that is how I found the website...

Oh, as for differences in the way they take out the Dysplasia, I think that its all about the doctors preference as to whether they do a cone biopsy or LEEP. Ur doctor wanting to still do the operation is probably just doing it to be sure - because I suppose the results can never be 100% accurate - maybe there was a small area with the CIN III that they missed in the follow up pap? Better to be safe than sorry but also u wouldn't want to get this type of operation unless u really need to... But CIN III is a little close to it becoming cancer so its up to u if u want to chance it.... It can never hurt to get another opinion... My first gyno (I came up with lumps after they told me I had HPV - I thought they were warts) told me 'I bought on the lumps' - which I was not impressed about... I then searched the web for a really good gyno and got one of the best in my country (I have good private insurance luckily!)...

As for the discharge - I've never had anything like that so ur best bet is to see ur doctor....

Good luck.

Verucah 10-17-2004 05:31 PM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
The brown discharge is normal I think. They put some stuff on the part they biopsy to stop bleeding. I think that eventually is what comes out.

I have CIN I-II. My pap came back LGSIL no HPV, and the biopsy came back CIN I-II suggestive of HPV. She also said she wasn't seeing anything, then later said she saw a small area. She recommended a LEEP under anesthesia in the hospital. I went for a second opinion. I had the colposcopy redone and the new Doc suggested a Cryosurgery procedure. He did say however, that they NEVER perform the LEEP in the hospital and feel the anesthesia is an added risk that is unnecessary.

I too am now waiting for my 3 month follow up results. I'm hoping I'm in the clear and hope things work out for you.


ksc1968 10-17-2004 07:10 PM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
My gyno only does the Leep under anesthesia unless you have no insurance. I have very good insurance. She said that since I was a bit uncomfortable with the biopsy she felt I might not sit still? I also can not have the epinepherine that they use, so I have to be cauterized.
Im just confused.....if my pap showed HSIL CIN 3 wouldn't she have seen large areas on my cervix that looked abnormal? I had 2 very small areas (she said around 5 and 6 oclock)
Does the LEEP hurt alot? The biopsy was not bad at all, just nervous.
Suzanne, How was the anesthesia they gave you? Any bad side effects?


Verucah 10-18-2004 08:11 AM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
I was very worried about that epi shot. I was glad I didn't have to have it. When I go to see the gyny my blood pressure is always high and my pulse is about 110. I think I'd probably have a heart attack!!!!!lol

The only thing that my Doctor stressed to me when deciding which procedure was for me, was that about 2 weeks after the LEEP you could have a break through bleed of sorts that would cause you to go back to the doctor to be cauterized again. He said that was a complication he wanted me to be aware of.

I have a friend who had a LEEP at 18 for HGSIL and went on to have completely normal paps and a baby, now 15 years later.

I think the worst part of this ordeal is the what ifs...thinking in that way is probably worse than anything they can do to us. I hope you find some calm during this ordeal and everything works out for you...


Suzanz 10-18-2004 09:35 AM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?

I went in early in the morning and they gave me the needle and put me under - I then woke up later and it was all over. I caught a bus home straight after that - and then a few hours later I worked. I was careful not to carry anything heavy or do anything too strenuous - but to be quite honest, I didn't have any problems with the anaesthetic at all - no side affects at all - and I didn't have any bleeding or cramping after the surgery - infact - I felt like all they did was put me under anaesthetic and no operation was performed - I read about cramping / bleeding etc so that is what I expected. I continued to take my Betamannan and my vitamins and did not use tampons for quite a while (just to be on the safe side). I also did not have sex.

Everyone is different though - it depends on ur body and ur reaction and I would also say how good the doctor is that performs the surgery. I personally looked my gyno up on the internet and found that he was one of the best in the country becuase I was not happy with the first one I went to....

Good luck...

ksc1968 10-18-2004 06:04 PM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
Hi Suzanz and Verucah.
Today I talked to the gyno that I wanted to go to and I am going on the 29th with all of my results, as they should all be in by then. This Dr came highly recommended and her nurse told me that if biosies are normal than they would not perform the leep, and that they do the leep in the office as it is not necessary to be put to sleep and is an additional risk. My questions to you are:

1) what does the Leep feel like if awake? Is is awful? My biopsies were no big deal, I was just nervous.

2) why would the dr say that if my biopsies are normall she still wants the that a clue as to what she saw in my colposcopy? Do HSIL CIN 3 lesions look different than say LSIL lesions? She did see 2 small lesions. I just dont get why she would even mention a normal biopsy when I have such a severe dyplasia pap result?

Ladies, Dr's speak a confusing language and I have 2 conflicting answers! HELP!!!
Thanks alot

Suzanz 10-19-2004 09:57 AM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
Well, because I am not a doctor I can't give u an answer as the the reason behind them still doing the leep. Maybe it is to be on the safe side. Only she knows I suppose!!

As for the Leep while awake... I think each doctor is different again - some do it while under, some don't.... I personally would not get it done unless I went under because I am a chicken and can't handle any pain and can't handle noises etc - especially if I hear some type of thing 'down there'.... (don't ask me how they do it!!).. I would probably have a heart attack if I were awake and someone was operating on me... I had one stich (Stiches) removed once while I was awake and that was bad enough!!

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Good Luck

Sugarhi16 10-19-2004 12:39 PM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
To answer your questions: 1) You honestly do not need to be put to sleep for a leep. It's a lot like a biopsy. There really is nothing to it at all, and I'm such a whimp when it comes to pain. The worst part of it all is worrying yourself to death. There was no pain involved in my leep. At most I was uncomfortable from being in stirrups and having the speculum inside me for so long. It was over and done with in 10 minutes. It took them longer to set everything up and prep me then it did to perform the leep!

During the proceedure just don't concentrate on what they are doing. I had a really nice nurse who was talking to me to distract me when they started everything. I also brought in a stress ball to squeese, since I didn't know if I'd feel any pain at all. I didn't.

He told me when he was going to adminster the shots and I did not even feel them go in. Although, some women say they feel them, so it depends on your body. And I did not smell anything because they also hooked a vac pump up to the speculum so it would suck all the smoke out before it hit the air. Afterwards he used silver nitrate to stop the bleeding and then I had to lay there till my blood pressure returned to normal. Then I was free to go. I felt fine, but I was kinda tired so I took it easy for 2 days and then I felt more like myself again.

2) I'm not sure why the doctor would want to do a leep if the biopsies came out normal? I wouldn't go back to the doctor unless your positive you have dysplasia. I'm also not sure, but I would assume that HSIL lesions look different from LSIL lesions. The pap tells you if you have dysplasia or not, but it's not very specific. My pap said I had CIN I and the biopsy and leep said I have CIN II. They will go by the Biopsy results. Again I'm not a doctor, but I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any other questions you have.

xine78 10-19-2004 04:13 PM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
I would go for a second opinion. My first doctor said I needed a LEEP after my first abnormal pap that came back mild. My second doctor thought the first one was crazy. It is not a plesant experience and can affect pregnancy, so I wouldn't get it unless I had to.

Anesthesia is definitely risky, and the procedure is no worse than the colpo, so I don't think I'd want to be put under for it. I have a friend who freaks out even with paps, and she said they can give you a pill to relax you instead of putting you under. I watched it on the monitor during the LEEP & it made me a little queasy, but it was interesting to see.

edwardthefirst 10-20-2004 08:22 AM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
now im nervous. i have had abnormal paps for years, the cyrosurgery 3 yrs ago, and just had a cin 1-2 w/ HPV coploscopy with some areas of high grade abn.........Gyno says since the areas are alocated further up inthe cervix and at the center she suggests a Cone to get the areas out , and a leep wouldnt likely do it or make further readings harder, etc. IT makes sense, and i have had a history of bad paps so I know this has been going on for a while but im just wondering now since it was mainly cin 1-2, am i going through a cone for nothing?

I would assume another dr would say the same thing about the location of the cells and that the leep can't reach that far up in the cervix, so i dont know if i want to postpone surgery another 6 weeks to get a 2nd opinion, but i dont want an un necessary procedure.

any thoughts?

ksc1968 10-20-2004 11:03 AM

Re: HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
ive never had a leep, i may on the 29th if my 2nd opinion says I need it, but the gyno I went to for the biopsy showed me a diagram and explained that she would be taking off not only on the cervix, but up inside the cervical canal (dont know the technical name) on all 3 sides (left right and top).
I dont know alot, so hopefully others will be able to give you a better answer!

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