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pams37 11-02-2005 08:32 PM

Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
First I willl tell you about what I went threw for the past year.
Last year I was suffering from gas pains(to me it was trapped gas)
Ohh man it hurt so bad.especiallly my time of month,and it would hurt more.
Of course I would blame it on the C-Section(I had 2 C-sections with my 2 gorgeous young children)I never ever had trapped gas until the c-sections happened.Then after the c-sections I always had bad gas pains.Ok plus I always loooked bloated.My mother would always telll me to go see a dr to see why my stomach looks bloated.But that whole year I did not,only becuase I was reallly overweight.I was embarrased he would telll me to lose weight first,then we willl see why you are bloated.
Welll this summer(ok in March I got offf the pill)then ever since I got off the pilll I noticed that my monthly friend was so painfull and (worse then when I was on the pill)that's one reason why I would stay on pill(I find I do not have monthly pains being on the pilll)now that I'm offf pilll I have really bad pains(or does that mean it's your ovaries acting up.I swear since March I have had bad pains,gas pains where I can not even walk.
Sorry this is long.Just want you alll to know a bit about me.
Anyways in June I alll of a sudden started losing weight.Really strange.I would eat but not piggg out(yes I'm the type that loves her food and eat alll day)so in June I weighed 170 pounds(tooo heavy for a girl that's only 5 foot 1)Then by Aug I weighed 145 pounds.I found I lost my appetite(I do not know how)but for some reason I just was not hungry.
Now I'm just maintaining the weight.So in Sept I finally went to my doctor and told him how I have had fevers(for the whole summer)but very very low fever.But for 1 or 2 months I knew that was really weird and strange.But I felt a smalll lump in my abdomen(very very small)small like an ovary.It was like moving every-where in my abdomen.To me it felt like I was pregnant(but I knew I was not)So the doctor felt it and he said prettty interesting.So he told me it could be 1 of 2 things.He said you neeed an ultrasound done(of course it would not show up on ultrasound)and he said you neeed pap test done.
A new doctor toook over.My awesome doctor is now gone,but he will be back this Mon to help the new lady doctor out.But she did pap test and she saw in the cervix a little cyst(which hurts like helll)she told me she willl leave it there.The pap test came out that I do not have cervical cancer(that's in our family)but ovarian cancer is nottt in our family.But I always used talc when I was younger.When I was in my 20's and going to the gym I always used soap (the ones that have a nice smelll)and talc powder.Then I always ended up with a yeast infection.Finally my doctor told me to not use any-thing there.I stopped now I do not have much yeast infections.
Ok the last time he saw me(end of Aug)the ovary was so small.
Now it is so big(where it stays in one place)I think it's around my spleen(it always seems to stay on my left side)You would not beleive alll the tests I am doing.Of course it comes out negative.My family nooo longer beleive some-things up with my body.My mother is now mad at me and tellling me to stop looking for things that are not there.This is so crazzy.I feeel it moving but yet noo one beleives me.So this Mon I will go to him.He willl see how much bigger it is.Lets just say I can not lay on my left side any-more.Plus when I lay down on my sides I feeel I am having a hard time breathing.Some-times I sleeep sitting up.But now I sleep on my stomach(I can not get comfortable like that)my eyes now loook so darn tired.I just want to get this darn thing out of me.Ok every-one that's it for now.But I know how you alll feeel when noo one believes you.I feeel like I just want to cry and scream.I feeel so alone.Take care every-one.I willl talk to you alll pretty soon.
Ohh even my husband thinks I'm lieing.He does not take me serious.Only becuase alll the doctors say nothing is wrong with me,so they alll think I'm faking about how I feeel and what I'm going through.THIS SUCKS.

WannaBeFreeToRoam 11-03-2005 11:32 PM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
Hi pams37,

Have you had an MRI or a laprascopy (I think that is what it is called)? Those seem to be the best tests for looking. I assume that you have had lots of vaginal ultrasounds, right? And physical exams by your gynocologist. Pap tests, biopsys, and what about an ultrasound on the outside of your lower abdomen? I would keep pressing the drs. or to make sure that they have done all of the above tests lately. I know that the MRI is expensive (I have not have it done, for that reason).

The gas worries me too. That and the low, low abdominal pain, especially on the far left and far right. That is why I just had a vaginal ultrasound. Of course, they could not see my ovaries, because of my bowels, which were full of gas! Plus I have a history of cysts in my ovaries. But they have gone way down. We will see what my dr. does next, come Monday.

Good Luck to you.


pams37 11-04-2005 12:05 PM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
Helllo guesss what.I had nothing done.Every-thing is so slowww.Plus the new doctor who took over for my doctor,she is usless.Does not care.She never felt the lump or bump in my abdomen.My doctor felt it.She says I'm alright and just to forget about it.I'm so unhappy with her.This Mon I go back to the doctor.She wont be there.I refuse to see her.She right now only works on week-ends so my doctor who's amazing willl be working the whole month of Nov.So the last time he felt my abdomen,was end of Aug.It was so small(like a cyst or I guess ovary)then he loooked worried and said I needed a pap test done(I do not know what that has to do with the cyst)would you know.But then the new lady came and she did a pap.She found in my cervix a small cyst.Which she said to leave it.I asked her if she willl get some-one or her take it out.She said nooo.But I know that cyst has beeen there for a very very long time.I thought if it does not go away on it's own then you neeed to investigate it.Plus it hurts where it is.But she does not care.Alll I know is if it's some-thing serious,ohh you can bet she willl be in so much trouble.My family do nto bleeive what I am going through.Only becuase she tellls me nothing is wrong with me.Then again she never felt my abdomen.So now it's Nov and what was such a smallll little lump is now big and painful and just stays now on my left side.I can not even sleep on my sides any-more.I feeel pressure when I lay on it.Like some-thing is on my organs.I telll ya,it feeels like you are pregnat.I want what ever is in me out of me.But she says nothing is wrong.So when I go seee my doctor I know he will think differently.I am scared though.Thanks and I willl let you all know what's going on with me.I hope now I will get some action.Pamela

lilsunshine46 11-11-2005 08:30 PM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
Pam, Have you been running low grade fevers? My daughter has been running up to 101 degrees and she had a large cyst for which she had an operation in Apr and now she is having symptoms again. She is going to have an US on the 23rd. She is only 12 now and was 11 when she had her surgery. The cyst was 8cm and they said it was the size of a lg grapefruit! She has nausea and gas , belching all the the time. Her GI dr just put her on Prevacid.Good luck to you.

pams37 11-13-2005 03:20 PM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
Hello Bhuneke,wow your daughter must be in a lot of pain.For me I had fevers of maybe 99.1-99.5(very very low grade but every day for the whole summer)
Plus I would also be very cold and a lot of times my temp would also be like 93-95(which is not normal for me)Now noo more fevers but I'm so run down and always trying to sleeep(take naps)when ever I can.It's so hard when you have young children to watch during the day.When my daughter is in nursery school(for 2 hrs every-day)I would just nap and relax.My son is in grade 1 so my daughter and I would just sit at home playing or watching tv.I know she's so bored.But once the doctor finds out what's going on with me,then I will get help and hopefully feeel better.
I have a new doctor(my parents doctor)This man is so awesome.I think he knows some-thing is not right with me.Of course I know he can not telll you.He wont know until he does tests.So on Friday I went for blood tests(he wanted me to do every test you can think of)
So I went to the lab and he wants them to loook for I swear 40 different things.Of course a lot is to do with my Kidneys tooo.He also wants me to get ultrasound done on my chest(left side especially)and my upper abdomen and he wants another ultrasound done on my uterous and the transvagina(is that how you say it)so now action willl finally happen.I'm so happy.
The blood test I did,he wrote down that he wants them to check my blood work for my ovaries too(I never knew you could do that)but appparently it will tell you if you have been ovulating and if my hormones are ok.He wants to check my thyroids too and he is going to check for mono(a longer name then that).But he wants to check every-thing.It will also check my Red cells and white cells.So finallly finally some-one will belive me.I just want to be better and healther by the time xmas comes.
Ok every-one take care.I hope you alll find a doctor who cares and wants to know and see what's wrong with you.

lilsunshine46 11-13-2005 05:52 PM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
Pam, My daughters Ped dr ran Mono and even TB, all neg becauseof the fevers and swollen glands in her neck. She really isn't in any pain but then she wasn't before just lost 20 lbs. She has had some lower back pain this time around but that could be due to her kidney problems? She does have some good specialists and they really give her 1st class treatment. it's just awkward for her due to her age with the gyn stuff.
Good luck with your tests!

pams37 11-14-2005 08:50 AM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
Thanks and you know what,I too did not have any pain until I lost 20 pounds.
But I had low grade fevers every night and I would be run down.But then end of Aug(after 2 months of low fevers)I had back pain,and peeeing a lot(more then what I drink)so I went to my doctor thinking maybe I had kidney infection(I only had maybe 2 kidney infections in my life,that I can remeember)so he did the tests and then told me to call him in 2-3 days.They found nothing.This is how it has been since Aug.I am always in pain but they find nothing.So now I have a new doctor and he wanted me to do a lot of tests.(blood tests)he told me for sure they should find some-thing now.I have so much pain on left side especially and I am stilll so tired and scared.
I hope your daughter gets bettter.I know exactly what she is going through.I do not wish this kind of pain on any-one.Take care and thanks for every-thing.Love Pamela

candymint 11-18-2005 09:53 PM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
hi I have the same problem but only on my right side they tell me it 's a cyst but I had a yearly pap and know cyst > I knkow how you feel , Im always in pain after my period utill my period starts. I have had vag ultasound and reg ultasounds and they say I am normal . Even when they hurt when they do them. Im going to try next week with my doc . wish me luck . Hope they get it right this time .candymint

pams37 11-19-2005 08:05 AM

Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian
Helllo CandyMint I wish you luck.I know the pain you go through.I do not wish this on any-one.I tooo was so sore when I had vaginal ultrasound.But seee I'm so upset.Ok this is realllly weird.I know this new doctor who read my report screwed up.She has put me through so much pain.Pain where my family are tellling me to stop complaining and they do not beleive me that I feeel like my organs are being rippped apart.Ok I read the report a couple of days ago.My new doctor wants alll the ultrasounds and bloood tests they did on me.So they photocopied it and handed it to me.You would not beleive what I read on the ultrasound report.
Ok the person looking at ultrasound wrote,: Unbeleiveable uterus.NOTE:(I can not remeember the name of cysts in uterus)but he said my uterus is made of these cysts.I guess it's covered allll over uterus.Plus he said unbeleivable edemotriosis.He said there is 6mm of thicknessss.Then he said that the ovaries are unbeleivable.So then at the end he wrote.
It's an unbeliveable report.
So I guess these doctors thought it meant that my uterus is great and amazing.Meanwhile I'm in so much pain.Only you guys understand the pain we feeel.No doctor understands it.Even my husband does not.Seee I guess the doctors think I can not have any-thing bad.Ovarian does not run in our family.But I know I screwed up my ovaries.Growing up I used to always use powder down there(with talc)I always would end up with bladdder and yeast infections.Alll the time.Plus going on the pilll.I go on,then go offf.I keeep screwing my system up.Ok every-one take care.I wish you alll luck.I go for my next ultrasound on Dec 1
You know what you should alll do,this is what I'm going to do.When I go for ultrasound for Pelvis and vaginal ultrasound.I guess you guys who are going through what I am,you alll know your body should have extra fluid inside you.These darn doctors can not telll,but I can.So you are supposed to drink water for Pelvic.Welll I wont.Only becuase the fluid I can telll for me is way up to my bellly button.So I do not need extra fluid.Then she willl telll me to let the water out(that she thinks I drank)she willl say let it out for the vaginal ultrasound.Then I willll telll her that I did not drink water.Then maybe just maybe they willllllllllllllllll understand and do some-thing about this.Plus my new doctor wants ultrasound done on my upper organs.Finally just finallly I willl get some-thing done.But that's not for another 2 weeks and now I can not reallly lay down.If I lay down I have a hard time breathing and my heart is like beating so fast.So I hope I can last until then.But every-one if you are going for ultrasound and you know you have extra fluid inside you,just then don't drink extra water.Let them finallly understand what we are going through,how it's right in there faces but they just do not understand.Ok every-one take care.I wish you allll luck.Love always Pamela

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