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mommy26girls 11-29-2005 09:07 PM

Please any info appreciated
I'll do my best to keep this short,but I really want to give the whole story.About 6 months ago I had an abnormal pap,I was told I had moderate dysplasia.I was about 13 weeks pregnant,so they just set up a colposcopy for later in the pregnancy.At 21 weeks I had the colpo.I was left feeling very confused.The doctor who did it said she didn't see anything that would cause such an abnormal pap,but that I had lesions on my cervix,and some on the vaginal walls.(and drew a picture of a bunch of tiny dots all over the whole cervix) to me that seemed serious.She also went on to say that if she wasn't seeing it then where was it?That totaly has me freaked out.What could she have meant?She told me that sometimes there can be a false high reading.No biopsy was done at that time,so she could not definatively say wether or not it was cancer.She did say that if she felt that it was particularly sinister looking she would have biopsied even with me being pregnant,and she didn't do a biopsy,so that was a good sign,but I am still so scared.Since then I have found that i have two very tiny hard fixed lumps in the right side of my vagina.They are very small,not even the size of a pea.I've tried to see if there could be a coralation,and found info I did NOT like on vaginal cancer.Does anyone know anything about this?Could this be totaly unrelated?And why couldn't they say for sure if it is cancer?I now go back for a follow colpo in Jan.At the last one she said as long as nothing changed she would do a leep procedure,and a biopsy.How would that fix the lesions on the vaginal walls?Has anyone else here ever had lesions on the walls,and had it still just been pre cancerous cells,or something?Any info would be greatly appreciated.I am just a nervous wreck.It was so much easier when I was pregnant to ignore the possibility,and focus on the baby.Now I am just beyond frightened.I have 6 dd's.Ages 11, 9, 7 ,4 ,2 ,and a 7 week old.My worst fear besides one of them being harmed,or ill is leaving this world before I've had a chance to raise all of my beautiful girls.TIA,and I am sorry this got so long.I'm sure I rambled on too much.I just hope someone here has some experience with the whole lesions on other than just the cervix.


karen32 11-30-2005 01:41 PM

Re: Please any info appreciated
Big hugs to you Christy - you have alot on your plate and six girls too! You are a superlady :) The lumps...are they near the vaginal opening? Have you looked at information on Bartholin cysts? I have one lump similar to what you describe and that is what it is. Hoping it's this in your case, too.

Can't help you too much on the vaginal lesions as I do not have personal experience with this, although I have come across several women who have. LEEP or laser seems to be a common treatment.

I had a moderate dysplasia pap last April, and upon further investigation they could not find what would be causing the reading (colpo, ECC, no other biopsies). I had a hysterectomy in September and the pathology report was clear so nothing was lingering in my cervix or uterus. Was it a false reading on the pap (overread by the pathologist)? Did it clear on it's own? Was it missed in the vagina or on my vulva? Questions I ask all the time, but don't seem to focus on much anymore which is probably a good thing :)

I hope you get some answers soon.


mommy26girls 11-30-2005 02:25 PM

Re: Please any info appreciated
Thank you very much for your response.I really appreciate you taking the time to help calm my nerves.It's easier to deal with for me if I feel like I'm arming myself with as much info as possible.Thanks again,

lobo1977 12-09-2005 08:24 AM

Re: Please any info appreciated
are they on the cervix ? lesions could mean a lot of things but it honestly sounds worse than it is - I had lesions from a mild CIN1 at one point. The leep is your best bet and please dont worry it's a piece of cake and Im a BIG BABY, I tear up from a papercut! :)

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