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worm 02-21-2006 12:55 PM

Should I be concerned?
Since I had my last child, about 6 years ago, I wake up with pain around my hips/pelvis? My doctor doesn't know why, it goes away during the day. I don't know if this is related to my questions below or not, but keep it in mind.

When I was 28 I was given laser treatment for dysplasia.

I am now 40 and in the past few weeks my cycles have been extremely light , clotty and very painful. Last night I had a very specific pain right inside my pelvic bone on the left side. Not like the general cramping in the legs I usually get. I have also had nausea. Is this part of menopause? or could it be cervical something happening? I am kind of apprehensive because of the laser therapy I had years ago. I am not due for a pap for a couple of months and I do go every year. I don't really think my doctor is very good at this stuff and I cannot get a new one in this small town.

karen32 02-21-2006 01:33 PM

Re: Should I be concerned?
Have you ever had problems with your sacro illiac (?) joints in your back? Maybe after your child your pelvis did not go back to the position it was in before? I know I have lots of trouble with my si joints which when they are acting up cause hip, back and thigh pain. Just a thought.

Your pain could be caused by so many things. I'm sorry that you are worried about your doctor, but I think it's best if you book in to see him/her to discuss your symptoms. It is likely not cervical related, but you should definately rule it out, and explore what could be causing your pain.

Good luck!


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