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    Old 02-22-2006, 10:09 AM   #1
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    Upcoming Leep

    I haven't posted in a while about my situation. I've been having ongoing CIN1 for over 3 years now. I've had this in the past (over 10 years ago) and it did finally go away on it's own. Well, my dr. seems to be getting frustrated with the watchful waiting (and one failed round of cryo) and my anxiety about the situation has increased so I am having a leep performed on Tuesday. My most recent colpo and biopsy was in Dec. once again showing CIN1. Well, me being me, an extremely anxious nervous person, I am getting increasingly terrified of the leep. I have to go in as an outpatient at the hospital and I will be receiving TIVA sedation. I am more nervous about the anesthesia than the surgery itself...I've never had any sort of anesthesia before! My dr. used to perform the leeps out of his office with just a local but new insurance policies are making it necessary for him to perform them all out of the hospital - just my luck. I'd honestly rather just have the local.

    Can anyone offer any reassurance....good leep results....good anesthesia experiences.....anything to calm me - lol! Of course my other fear is that they are going to find something much worse than CIN1.........although my dr. says that after over 3 years of having paps every 3 months (always showing ASCUS, or LGSIL or normal) and 5 colpos in that time (always showing CIN1 - condyloma and cervicitis ) that he really does not think we could've missed anything. I wish I could believe him......I hate when we let the doubts creep in!

    So, my saga continues........on a side note.....after my last colpo in Dec. I figured it was time to start really trying to be healthier. I am now taking a very good multi vitamin with minerals and phytonutrients.....hopefully that will have helped some or will at least help my cervix heal normally.

    Oh...and one more question???? I am an exercise-o-holic.......does anyone have any idea what my restrictions may be? I work out everyday....I don't mind if I have to skip running for a few days but I'm hoping he'll at least let me do pilates matwork starting a day or two afterwards.

    Thanks ladies....I hope everyone is doing well.

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    Old 02-22-2006, 03:27 PM   #2
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    Re: Upcoming Leep

    I'm going to try to answer you questions and calm you as best I can! I found so much comfort in these boards before. I too had Cin 1-2 and my Doctor treated me with a leep about a year and half ago. I just had another pap come back abmormal and did the colpo and biopsy earlier this week. He found one small spot. I'm hoping that maybe it's nothing and I won't have to go through a treatment again. Wishful thinking I guess.

    I was awake for my leep and it wasn't too bad in terms of minor surgery. I was just uncomfortable being in stirups so long. I really didn't feel anything that was being done, not even the shot. I guess they're aren't many nerve endings there. If there were I doubt anyone would have children naturally! Afterwards, I was tired and a little crampy. I had discharge for 3 or 4 days and that was it. It was blood mixed with what I describe as coffee grounds (I know some of it was the vinigar solution that they use to see the spots). Some people have more discharge and some have less. Just take it easy on yourself, it won't feel like you had surgery, but you body will feel it. My Doctor got a clean margin with my leep and I had normal paps for a year afterwards. I guess my body hasn't figured out how to fight this virus. I've had the same faithful partner since all this happened to me.

    I know I wasn't asleep for my leep, but I had anesthesia when I had my wisdom teeth removed about 10 years ago. I remember them putting an IV in my arm and injecting fluids. I felt them go through my veins for like a minute and they next thing I know my Mom and a nurse are waking me up in recovery to go home. They said I walked to the recovery room, but I don't remember doing so. I was just really groggy. You'll probably feel much the same way. They probably won't be giving you a lot of anesthesia since the whole proceedure will take about a half hour (thats set up to clean up), the actual leep for me was only 10 minutes.

    I know it's hard to do, especially since I'm going through this again myself, but you can't think the worst. You have to think positive and only deal with the negative if it comes to pass. Your Doctor is probably right on this one though, it's always the same thing.

    For me some of the restrictions that I remember were: no sex, tampons, baths, swimming, or heavy lifting for 4 weeks. I don't know if I'd recommend doing pilates right away because you will have a cut inside without stitches that is trying to heal. You don't want to accidently tear it open and cause unnecessay bleeding. Just trust your body. If it doesn't feel right don't do it. You want to heal perfectally! Your Doctor will probably give you a sheet with all the dos and don'ts on it. Mine did, but I can't remember what else it said.

    You said you had this over ten years ago, and that it went away with the wait and see method. Do you recommend it? My Doctor always wants to treat it right away, but I sometimes wonder if it would be better to see if my body could fight it on it's own.

    Well Goodluck!

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    Re: Upcoming Leep

    like the last poster...i've been under general anesthesia...but not for my LEEP...

    I had a local for my LEEP, and it was an outpatient proceedure, didn't seem like a very big deal the way it was treated. I was told to have someone drive me home (cramping), but don't recall any other restrictions...well, no physical ones, only the "no sex" restrictions.

    General anesthesia...seems a bit like overkill for the proceedure, but there's always politics involved in medicine I guess. I was under general twice... but I think different drugs were used. The first time, I just felt like I was waking up one sense at a time... I could hear....then I could open my eyes... then I could move..etc. The second time was a longer, more invasive proceedure, and the anesthesia kinda wiped me out... I was VERY sore for the next couple of days, like I'd been hit by a train! I had no idea that could be a side effect of it!

    About the sure it will go well... since mine, in the summer of 2001, I haven't had a recurrence.... but mine is also related to having a strain of HPV that causes cervical I will definately keep having pap's on a regular basis, in case it comes back.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Upcoming Leep

    I cant tell u to much about the LEEP prcedure, I had a cold cone biopsy, but I can help u out with the anestesia part, I'm a pro at the whole surgery thing, lol. I have to go for a hysterectomy on March 1st, this will be my 10th surgery in 13 yrs. I never had any problems with anestesia. When I was goin in for reconstructive surgery on my face from an accident I was in, I was in an out of surgery at least twice a yr for 6 yrs. And the only thing I noticed with that was because I had those surgeries close together it took me alittle longer to wake up afterwards. Before my cone biopsy my last sugery was in 99 so its been 7yrs since I had anestesia. So with my biopsy I had no problems at all. I went in for surgery at 8:45, I woke up an remember lookin at the clock in the recovery room, it said 9:50. I was back to my room an on my way home by 12.
    You'll be fine, I hope that I have helped u some, an if u have anymore questions, just ask. Dont let yourself get all worked up about it. I know thats easy for me to say, but I'm sure everything will be good. Good luck an keep us posted. Take care.

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    Re: Upcoming Leep

    Thank you so much did help to ease my mind a bit. Sugar - I actually do recommend the wait and see method as long as you trust your dr. and are getting very frequent paps with an occasional colpo thrown in there. I can't remember where but I did read somewhere that sometimes some strains are cyclic......come and go and last about the same amount of time each time. That's why I started out doing the wait and see approach this time but I'm getting sick of paps every 3 months....I feel like I'm at my dr's office all the time!

    BTW......TIVA is one step below general (at least that's how they explained it)........I will be breathing on my own where as with general you need to have the tube in your throat???? I get to meet with the anesthesiologist beforehand and I WILL be requesting the lightest sedation possible. I am petrified of having a bad reaction to a drug......and don't like the thought of being completely out. So, we'll see what he says. Damn insurance companies....I really wish I could just have it done in-office with just the local. I know many people who've had it done that way.

    Thanks again...and I'll let you know how it goes....unless of course I have a panic attack in the meantime and need some more support - lol!!!!!!!

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    Re: Upcoming Leep

    tehn,l bat

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    Re: Upcoming Leep

    Well I made it be honest maybe the anesthesia wasn't such a bad thing - lol.....all I remember was being wheeled into the OR and chatting happily with the nurses and then being wheeled out of the OR again chatting happily with the nurses.

    I've been having some cramping, but nothing advil isn't taking care of. My dr. said it went well and hopefully this will do the trick. He's going to call me when he gets the biopsy report so it's the waiting game for me.

    He did tell me no heavy exercise other than walking (and not power walking) for a week......he said it could cause heavy bleeding. I haven't had much discharge other than some of that monsell's solution stuff.

    I was in the surgical short stay unit for 4 hours total....I came home and pretty much slept the rest of the day away...that is some strong stuff!!!!!

    I'll update again when I get the results.....please think good thoughts for me! Thanks again for all the that I know anesthesia isn't so bad maybe I could use it for something fun like some new boobs or a little bit of lipo - lol!

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